StoryBoard Quick vs. Artist

We sometimes are asked about the difference between our popular storyboarding software, StoryBoard Quick, and our premiere previz program, StoryBoard Artist.  There are quite a few differences—as you can see here—but one of the biggest additions is the Timeline, which allows for sound tracks and animatics.

The flexibility of the Timeline is perfect for those who need to communicate a precise vision for their pre-production.  Each Frame’s duration can be individually set by just dragging the frame on the Timeline, and transitions can be set between each storyboard for added presentation effects.

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Previz Movement within StoryBoard Quick

StoryBoard Quick is the premier previsualization software for planning great-looking shots and communicating a clear vision for your film. But what’s the best to show your cinematographer how you see the camera movement within a shot?

Use the “Director’s Tools.” We’ve included a whole host of great directional arrows and objects to give your storyboards the extra detail needed to communicate how you see your film. From zooming in to zooming out, from panning to dollying, StoryBoard Quick can assist you with indicating the movement necessary for your shot.

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Martini QuickShot to appear at FCPUG SuperMeet

We love our NLE users, and they love us too!  That’s why our unique post-production shot creator, Martini QuickShot, is being featured at this year’s SuperMeet!

SuperMeet is the largest convention for post-production editors and filmmakers, using Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe systems, starting tomorrow in Las Vegas.  We’re proud to offer the first creative slug-generating solution that brings the power of storyboarding to the cutting room.

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