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StoryBoard Quick Direct for iPad 4.0

Now More Like the Desktop Version From the creators of the #1 desktop storyboarding application, comes our latest mobile app designed for filmmakers of every level compose shot ideas – on the go! StoryBoard Quick Direct turns your iPad into a mobile pre-visualization tool that will allow you to create and show off your storyboards […]

StoryBoard Artist 7 is Released! – Our most exciting previs app ever

StoryBoard Artist 7 is an essential tool for filmmakers, allowing fast creation of digital and animatic storyboards. Unlimited posable characters, motion graphics, and integrated mobile apps headline new features in the new storyboarding software released today. “This is a game changer for previs software,” says Paul Clatworthy, Creative Director at PowerProduction. “By combining 2D simplicity […]

PowerFinder – New Video – See how our director’s viewfinder works!

The coolest and most complete director’s viewfinder available for your iPhone & iPad. Much more than just an aspect ratio, pick any camera sensor, any lens, any aspect, and any format to find the perfect shot anytime, anywhere. See the slick operation and features in new video here See the video of our ultimate director’s […]

See StoryBoard Quick Direct in Action: Mobile App!

Create Anywhere, Share Everywhere using StoryBoard Quick Direct mobile app (Available for iPhone, iPad and Android!) Filmmakers know that inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Now, whether you are on the subway or in the suburbs when you see that perfect setting appear before you – capture it and storyboard that idea with the help of […]

Martini QuickShot plugin now for Mac Premiere Pro CC

Martini QuickShot Creator for Post-Production is now available as a plug-in for the Premiere Pro CC Macintosh editing system. Previously available for Premiere Pro Windows, we’ve added the Mac due to overwhelming demand! Martini is the revolutionary post-production application that brings the creativity of visualization into editing.  Rather than breaking the flow of your work […]

Free StoryBoard Quick & Artist Update

Attention all Quick 6.1 and Artist 5.1 users Yosemite Ready! Fully tested on the latest Macintosh 10.10 Yosemite and Windows 8.1, the new versions are ready to go. The #1 easy-to-use digital storyboarding lines of software, StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist. The free update is easily accessible right from within your application, launch your applications […]

Cinema, Television & Emerging Media Studies

As storytelling continues to thrive in today’s media, colleges are keeping up with the trends. One of the top colleges for African Americans, Morehouse College has now added StoryBoard Quick to their CTEMS (Cinema, Television & Emerging Media Studies) major studies. Using Quick their first assignment was to storyboard a story utilizing the stages of […]

Technology in Film

Tech innovations in filmmaking and gaming technology advances have been widespread both in the world of movies and gaming. From black and white to 3D, these two giant industries have come a long way. In 2013, the total domestic box office gross is approximately $12.9 Billion:Statistics Brain from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The […]

New Version of StoryBoard Quick for Mac OS 10.9

Free update for all SBQ and SBQ Studio 6.1 users!  We have a brand new version of the #1 easy-to-use digital storyboarding solution, StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Quick STUDIO, for all current registered users of SBQ for Mac. The free update is easily accessible right from within your application, launch your applications and select  the […]

Storyboards: Key to The Master Plan

Storyboards Effect Every Stage of Production. The best films are made from the ground up. You lay down a comprehensive base of ideas, script and storybords to set yourself up for a successful shoot. Sometimes though we don’t even realize that while we’re working in preproduction, that work and those storyboards are going to help […]

Original Content Is On The Rise II: Start Storyboarding

Recently, we wrote a post about why, as a writer, director or producer, now is an amazing time to be an original content creator and developer. If we were unable to convince you before that storyboarding was important, check out these latest news items which show that millions upon millions of production dollars are being […]

Avid Plugin: Martini QuickShot for Avid Editors Released

Edit Much? Avid plugin, Martini QuickShot Creator v2 is now available for Avid editors using Media Composer & Symphony. If you’re an editor and looking to fill in the blanks (replace those slugs!) with meaningful images to help the project’s timing and visual story continuity, Martini QuickShot Creator is the solution. Blank Slugs out – […]

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