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Last Day to Vote on “I Am What I Learn” Videos

Voting closes today and results should be available mid December. Click here to see videos and to vote.  Good luck to all the finalists!

“I Am What I Learn” Video Contest Update

Thanks to all of you who submitted your storyboards to be entered into PowerProduction’s portion of the video contest. We are still awaiting information about which videos the judges have chosen to be apart of the public voting.

Contest is ON!… for students over 13

The “I Am What I Learn” video contest rules state: Entrants must be active students age 13 or older by October 8, 2009. OK, so we live in a world with limits, rules, ratings.  And will give out rewards for playing by those rules.  That’s a great lesson in itself! But we’ve heard from a couple of teachers who are k-6 […]

“I Am What I Learn” contest criteria

For the complete rules and information related to the contest you can visit The contest rules are as follows: -Each video must be submitted by an active student, age 13 or older -Contestants chosen as finalists will be contacted through their YouTube account and must respond within 7 days to confirm eligibility. -Students […]

Update ‘I Am What I Learn’

While we put the finishing touches on a new educational version of StoryBoard Quick, the Department of Education is finalizing the ‘I Am What I Learn’ video contest. Sources say that the contest rules will be public again on Monday Sept 21. Watch for a news from them and us and

More power for your “I Am What I Learn” projects…

After puts out more details (possibly Friday or Monday) you can check out for information on other companies who are participating in providing elements to help you make your student video standout from the crowd.

Contest on, but no details

PowerProduction contacted and we’re told that the contest is still going to happen but there were no more details about the deadline dates or the exact focus.  We are  monitoring this closely and will be contacting everyone, who has signed up, within the next day or two with more information.

“I Am What I Learn” video contest

The “I am What I Learn” website at pulled the inital information about the video contest from their site. Then the details were said to “be coming soon.” Then the post was changed to “watch this page ( for details as they become available. ” While we’re not positive why the contest rules were pulled […]

President Obama’s “I Am What I Learn”

In preparation to help students participate in President Obama’s “I Am What I Learn” Video Contest, PowerProduction Software will provide copies of their StoryBoard Quick software to students who wants to participate. We want to help student write their own destiny…visually.  For more information on this please visit:

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