Martini Boosts Your Productivity At A New Lower Price!

Martini’s New Lower Price!

There’s never been a better time to download PowerProduction Software‘s #1 shot creator – Martini QuickShot!  Since it was designed for editors to help create shots and storyboards from right inside their digital non-linear editors, Martini boosts and boasts maximum productivity. Now at a lower price!

Martini QuickShot editorial plug-in

Check out Martini’s streamlined website where you can download a risk-free, 30-day trial and begin visualizing your shots and bridging the gap between un-shot footage and your final edit. Martini comes complete with actors, backgrounds and in-frame text capabilities. Choose from hundreds of pre-designed, pre-laid out shots. Use the shots as-is or edit them in the Composite Frame so you can get just the right look for your scene. Consequently, your project comes into focus like never before.

Works With Any Editor!

Finally, when you purchase Martini for your Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid or Vegas Pro you receive a 21-day access pass to Studio Backlot – the ultimate, one-stop production resource.

So, not only is Martini the easiest, most powerful way to create storyboards in your editor, but now it’s ONLY $99.  Save 50% and get hundreds of unique shots and sequences to place into your timeline. And no more black slugs, no more holes in your edit. Therefore, boosts productivity. Martini QuickShot completes your vision and gives you an optimal idea of your final project in real time. Finally, a way out of the black hole.

“Martini is an extremely easy-to-use storyboarding plug-in for NLE’s. It is set up for the editor who needs to fill holes. Or the director playing with new sequence ideas for a work-in-progress. Give it a try; it just may save your edit!” – doddleNEWS

So, check out the new Martini website and download it today!


Avid Plugin: Martini QuickShot for Avid Editors Released

avid plugin martini quickshot creator for avid media composer editors

Edit Much?

Avid plugin, Martini QuickShot Creator v2 is now available for Avid editors using Media Composer & Symphony.

If you’re an editor and looking to fill in the blanks (replace those slugs!) with meaningful images to help the project’s timing and visual story continuity, Martini QuickShot Creator is the solution.

Blank Slugs out – Avid Plugin

Gone are the days of using blank slugs as placeholders now that you can use a story panel to represent what will be inserted once second unit or pickups are completed.  Martini Quick Shot Creator is now available for Avid editors as well as FCP and Premiere users.

So popular for FCP and Premiere, we made one for Avid Media Composer for Hollywood Editors! Whether you edit movies, TV shows, commercials, or other video, Avid Media Composer’s industry-standard nonlinear editor provides 64-bit performance, easy-to-use video editing tools, and streamlined HD, file-based, and stereo 3D workflows.

You can purchase Martini QuickShot directly from PowerProduction and soon from Avid, as well.

Avid Plugin Version for Martini QuickShot in Beta

Avid Plugin Martini Martini QuickShot is in Beta testing for it’s Avid Media Composer Plugin version. Beta testers are being selected now so, if you are an Editor and use Avid’s Media Composer 6+ and want to join in beta testing, send an email to: beta@powerproduction (.com) to get in on the action!

Avid Plugin for Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro Users

If you’re a Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere user, Martini QuickShot is already available from PowerProduction via download.  Make your postvisualization stand out!

Martini QuickShot Update for Adobe Premiere

Martini QuickShot Post Visualization Plugin for Adobe PremiereThere’s a free update for Martini QuickShot v2 Plugin for users of Premiere Pro CS6.

Martini Quickshot Plugin

Check to make sure you have the latest version. To do so, go to the Preferences Window in Martini QuickShot Creator, click check for updates. You can download it from the link provided and install the updater over your existing version. User Version 1 Users can upgrade here.

If you are new to Martini QuickShot Creator, check out this exciting application for editorial post visualization at

The Martini Plugin is available from PowerProduction Software.  This post visualization plugin lets editors insert visual slugs in their rough cuts rather than having blank spacers stand in for missing scenes.


Post Visualization Martini QuickShot for FCP X!

New Post-Production Visualization Plug-in available for Final Cut Pro X!

Los Gatos, CANovember 9, 2011 – Quickly following the release of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, PowerProduction Software announced the release of a new version of the popular post visualization plug-in for FCP. Martini QuickShot 2 is the sequel of the first plug-in for post-production visualization that makes it easy for editors to direct additional shots and sequences.  With Martini 2’s dynamic power, editors no longer need to use black slugs with text explaining what “shot goes here”—and now this power is available for Final Cut Pro X. Continue reading “Post Visualization Martini QuickShot for FCP X!”

Martini QuickShot Update for Premiere Pro CS5.5

Adobe recently released the new CS5.5 version for Premiere Pro, and we’ve updated Martini QuickShot for Windows so you don’t even have to break stride in creating great digital slugs for post-production.  Keep your system at the top of its game by staying current on new Adobe and Martini versions today!

If you haven’t checked out Martini QuickShot Creator for Post-Visualization yet, check out the FREE Demo here!  (Sorry Free Trial has ended) Martini includes hundreds of shot templates, ready to be customized with built-in Interior Locations, Exterior Locations, and stylish Characters.  Pull these elements into a great-looking shot in seconds and export your sequence into Final Cut Pro for Mac or Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows.  Say good-bye to nondescript slugs of white text on black frames and say hello to colorful, descriptive and specific slugs! Continue reading “Martini QuickShot Update for Premiere Pro CS5.5”

More sites add Martini to their menus

The popularity of Martini QuickShot Creator keeps rising, and its availability is spreading! Martini is the number one post-visualization shot creator. Working inside your favorite editing software like Final Cut Pro or Premiere, Martini helps editors fill in missing shots with quick and easy shot creation tools. We’re bringing Martini closer to you through resellers, who are devoted to bringing quality products to you in your community. Continue reading “More sites add Martini to their menus”

Martini QuickShot to appear at FCPUG SuperMeet

We love our NLE users, and they love us too!  That’s why our unique post-production shot creator, Martini QuickShot, is being featured at this year’s SuperMeet!

SuperMeet is the largest convention for post-production editors and filmmakers, using Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe systems, starting tomorrow in Las Vegas.  We’re proud to offer the first creative slug-generating solution that brings the power of storyboarding to the cutting room.

Continue reading “Martini QuickShot to appear at FCPUG SuperMeet”

Pre-Visualization vs. Post-Visualization

Some people ask… What’s the difference between pre-viz and post-viz?  How do filmmakers plan ahead for both stages?  What tools can help streamline the process?

PowerProduction has developed software to help our customers with all types of visualization for their media productions.  For previsualization, we offer StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Quick Studio, StoryBoard Artist, and StoryBoard Artist Studio.  (You can see a comparison of their features in our Store here.)  For post-visualization, we’ve developed Martini QuickShot Creator, a plug-in for Final Cut Pro on Mac and Premiere Pro on Windows, for editors to visualize necessary shots during editing.

Previz is typically done before shooting. Directors and cinematographers rely on storyboards in combination with the script so that they can plan their shots and angles before reaching the set, and communicate this plan clearly to cast and crew.  Planning in this way saves a ton of time during shooting, and saves a lot of energy and money too!

Continue reading “Pre-Visualization vs. Post-Visualization”

Martini QuickShot now available for Windows!

Martini QuickShot Creator for Post-Production is now available for Windows operating system with the Premiere Pro editing system!

After its initial release in September 2010, Martini became a revolutionary post-production application that brought the creativity of visualization into editing.  Rather than breaking the flow of your work in progress with white-text-on-a-black-background slugs describing the missing shots, PowerProduction Software developed Martini QuickShot, using the QuickShot Technology and the previz power of our visualization software.

By bringing visualization into post-production, editors and directors can now develop missing shots using Martini QuickShot artwork from within their editing software. Martini lightens the load of editors and directors, and allows clients and crew to better visualize a work in progress project. Continue reading “Martini QuickShot now available for Windows!”

Martini QuickShot featured in ‘Useful Applications for Digital Filmmakers’

Our post-viz plug-in, Martini QuickShot Creator is featured in a new webinar by called ‘Useful Applications for Digital Filmmakers.’  The webinar covers handy software applications for filmmaking covering pre-production, production, and post-production.

Check out Martini QuickShot Creator to see the new standard in post-production visualization. See a video demo of its innovative features here. Continue reading “Martini QuickShot featured in ‘Useful Applications for Digital Filmmakers’”

Martini dubbed a ‘Must-Have’

Last Wednesday, PowerProduction representative Fred Gallo presented Martini QuickShot to the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group. Lauded by the LAFCPUG as the “Must Have” of new Final Cut Pro plug-ins, Martini was well-received at the meeting as Gallo demonstrated its slug-generating power.

Lauded by the Los Angeles FCP User Group as the “Must-Have” of Final Cut Pro plug-ins, Martini QuickShot Creator was well-received at the meeting as film director, Fred Gallo, demonstrated its power.

PowerProduction Software is already a well-known name because of their celebrated previsualization software program StoryBoard Artist.  Now with Martini, FCP editors can post-viz and get to their final edit faster and easier than ever by bringing the ease of QuickShots into their FCP — replacing their black slugs with visuals to fill in for unshot scenes.

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