QuickTip: Export to Flash Movie!

Exporting to Flash is a great way to present a full experience of your project to clients, cast, and crew.  Flash Movies can also be emailed to share with partners or hosted on your website to show off your pre-production project.

StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist both provide a variety of export options for presenting your storyboards!  Flash Movie is one of the most popular ways to share your project, and includes many options for customizing the export.  Choose to embed the Flash Movie in an HTML webpage for easy online viewing, select sizing and video output options, customize your animatic in Artist or frame length in Quick, and more!

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Previz Movement within StoryBoard Quick

StoryBoard Quick is the premier previsualization software for planning great-looking shots and communicating a clear vision for your film. But what’s the best to show your cinematographer how you see the camera movement within a shot?

Use the “Director’s Tools.” We’ve included a whole host of great directional arrows and objects to give your storyboards the extra detail needed to communicate how you see your film. From zooming in to zooming out, from panning to dollying, StoryBoard Quick can assist you with indicating the movement necessary for your shot.

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