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Script Magazine Reviews StoryBoard Quick storyboard software

Screenwriters and directors alike use StoryBoard Quick storyboard software for professional results. Everyone knows that you don’t need to know how to draw in order to use the professional power of StoryBoard Quick. Well, recently the gang over at Script Magazine decided to take the #1 storyboard software for a little walk-through and they sure […]

Original Content Is On The Rise II: Start Storyboarding

Recently, we wrote a post about why, as a writer, director or producer, now is an amazing time to be an original content creator and developer. If we were unable to convince you before that storyboarding was important, check out these latest news items which show that millions upon millions of production dollars are being […]

StoryBoard Quick Custom Storyboard Frame Borders

StoryBoard Quick’s custom storyboard frame borders gives your printed storyboards an added artistic touch. Using an easy and quick feature you can place the perfect frame on that perfect shot.  It’s fast and easy and there are many styles to choose from. You can find that perfect look so that every frame is perfect both […]

Combine Digital Photos in Storyboards: use Masking Tool

The use of digital photos in storyboards is a big leap. The art of storyboarding has come a long way since the days of needing big budgets and an aptitude for drawing. Software applications like StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist have made it possible for directors, producers, writers and creatives, who have a keen cinematic […]

Storyboard Myths Busted (part II)

In Part I of Storyboard Myths Debunked we talked about how you don’t need to be an amazing artist to create amazing storyboards – AND – that you no longer need to have a giant film budget to create storyboards…the necessary element of a successful and polished production. Now, enjoy Part II of StoryBoard Myths […]

StoryBoard Quick helps teachers engage students

StoryBoard Quick recently presented at the second annual Digital Connections Project (or “DigiConn”) of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education!  DigiConn’s goal is to connect students and teachers with digital media and project-based learning, and we at PowerProduction Software were excited to share our software StoryBoard Quick and to head some great hands-on projects! […]

Check for Updates in StoryBoard Quick and Quick Studio!

We’ve released a new update for StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Quick Studio! StoryBoard Quick and Quick Studio are now compatible with Mac OS X Lion, in addition to a wealth of other fixes, additions, and optimizations. Click here for step-by-step instructions to update your StoryBoard Quick.

QuickTip: Show Storyboards to Clients!

We hear from customers all the time that StoryBoard Quick storyboards makes quite a great impression on clients especially when pitching and presenting ideas in order to get the job. So when you need to show clients or crew your ideas, StoryBoard Quick helps you make the best impression. Whether you’re presenting or emailing your […]

QuickTip: Export to Flash Movie!

Exporting to Flash is a great way to present a full experience of your project to clients, cast, and crew.  Flash Movies can also be emailed to share with partners or hosted on your website to show off your pre-production project. StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist both provide a variety of export options for presenting […]

New Extended Business Suite STUDIO

The popular Business Suite has just been promoted!  Now these business tycoons have twice the poses for your storyboards! In addition to the standard six Quick poses (stand, walk, run, jump, sit, prone), Mr. and Ms. Business are now available in three elevations and eight rotations of the six exclusive Quick Studio poses: phone, point, […]

New Extended Kids Suite STUDIO

Get twice the energy and twice the action with the expanded Kids Suite!  These kids have two times as many poses to choose from, giving your project the vitality it needs! No matter the weather, these kids are looking for some fun!  Jody and Johnny are the perfect age to be your next child star […]

John Hart workshops with StoryBoard Quick

Last weekend, StoryBoard Quick was proud to sponsor the pre-production workshop with John Hart!  Hart is an experienced director, writer, and artist who has created and taught pre-production storyboards for years. The attendees walked away with a wealth of information and advice from Hart, from the importance of previsualization to design elements to keep […]

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