23 Years of Storyboard Software Excellence

23 years ago digital storyboarding was born. We knew there was a better way, so we created the best storyboard software. Way back before the turn-of-the-century, StoryBoard Quick burst on the scene when floppy disks ruled and faxing boards was hi-tech. For those old enough to remember, ShowBiz Expo in Los Angeles was where we first released StoryBoard Quick in all of its black & white glory. It even included graphics on a single floppy due to the use of vector graphics. We still use vector graphics, including now all other formats since hard drives are now measured in gigabytes and disk space is approaching an unlimited amount. We’ve all come a long way since then!

See how far we’ve come!

See how far and check out our latest previs release, StoryBoard Artist 7, simply the best in storyboarding! With unlimited posing, there are no limits to the level of detail you want to create. Start with any pose and change it down to the last fingertip and any angle of view. That’s right, real 3D with the speed of 2D. The best of both worlds.

Independent motion of all elements makes shot movement a snap. Really show the movement in your shots. Everyone will understand even the most complex shots as they play out over time. Just frame the beginning and the end and Artist 7 does the rest.

Thank you to all of our users current, past and future!


Script Magazine Reviews StoryBoard Quick storyboard software

Screenwriters and directors alike use StoryBoard Quick storyboard software for professional results.

Everyone knows that you don’t need to know how to draw in order to use the professional power of StoryBoard Quick. Well, recently the gang over at Script Magazine decided to take the #1 storyboard software for a little walk-through and they sure did like what they found out! In a new review they found that not only was StoryBoard Quick easy-to-use but it was actually “awesome.”

Script Magazine Reviews StoryBoard Quick storyboard softwareThe reason being is that StoryBoard Quick is the perfect compliment to your newly written script. With tons of import and export options from popular screenwriting software like Final Draft and Screenwriter, you can quickly and easily compose storyboards for every shot. It also has a ton of presentational options, including printing, Flash export, HTML and more which allows you to see your storyboards side-by-side with your script and dialog.

As they say in the review, it’s perfect for directors and screenwriters alike and clearly it’s “much cheaper than hiring a storyboard artist” and it’s “An excellent choice to create storyboards for anyone who can’t draw or afford a professional storyboard artist. Keeps projects looking professional and on budget.”

Check out the entire review complete with screenshots and a step-by-step of how easy it is to get going over at Script Magazine.

Got questions on StoryBoard Quick? Chat with us, we’re happy to help!

Original Content Is On The Rise II: Start Storyboarding

storyboard your projects for amazon and netflix

Storyboard your original content

Recently, we wrote a post about why, as a writer, director or producer, now is an amazing time to be an original content creator and developer. If you weren’t convince before that storyboarding is important, check out these latest news items. The articles indicate that millions of production dollars are pouring into the development of new, fresh, compelling, original content.

Content is King – more than ever

As media becomes easier to view, download, stream a/k/a consume, the demand grows.  New, original streaming content is needed by companies other than the major networks and even their cable competitors. And storyboarding is a great way to get them interested in your project.

Storyboard gets projects into development

Netflix, who recently successfully unveiled the 4th season of the once dead series Arrested Development, wants to spend up to 15% of it’s licensing budget on new original content. While some of it’s content licensing deals are going south, they are replacing those recycled titles with new series.

Even companies -and sites- which you wouldn’t expect are looking to expand their cache of content. Reddit is trying to partner with marketers to integrate popular Reddit threads with mainstream marketing.

If you are the creative type, your opportunities are expanding. So keep on developing, planning, storyboarding with StoryBoard Quick and pitch those new ideas. You never know who is going to pick them up!

StoryBoard Quick Custom Storyboard Frame Borders

Custom Frame borders in StoryBoard Quick SoftwareStoryBoard Quick’s custom storyboard frame borders gives your printed storyboards an added artistic touch. Using an easy and quick feature you can place the perfect frame on that perfect shot.  It’s fast and easy and there are many styles to choose from. You can find that perfect look so that every frame is perfect both inside and out.

Custom Storyboard Frame Borders – Tutorial

Check out this Storyboard Quick tutorial showing how you can select an extra special way to display your storyboard frames using custom storyboard frame borders with a simple click of the mouse. Sometimes the right finishing touch is all you need to take your storyboards from good to great!

StoryBoard Quick Tutorial by PowerProduction Software For more information on the fastest and easiest way to create amazing digital storyboards – check out StoryBoard Quick!

Combine Digital Photos in Storyboards: use Masking Tool

digital photographs in storyboardsThe use of digital photos in storyboards is a big leap.

The art of storyboarding has come a long way since the days of needing big budgets and an aptitude for drawing. Software applications like StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist have made it possible for directors, producers, writers and creatives, who have a keen cinematic vision, to use the technology around them to both communicate visually and plan production shots in no time.

A great asset is digital photos.

The ability to snap a location photo and use it in your pitches, shots and storyboards has been revolutionary for directors. But what about those photos where there’s an item in the photo that you’d like to use, but you don’t want all the extras. For example, you’d like to use a specific shot of a car or an actor. Well, in the past, this would require some keen compositing skills, but now StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist make it incredibly easy with the new MASKING TOOL .

Continue reading “Combine Digital Photos in Storyboards: use Masking Tool”

Storyboard Myths Busted (part II)

In Part I of Storyboard Myths Debunked we talked about how you don’t need to be an amazing artist to create amazing storyboards – AND – that you no longer need to have a giant film budget to create storyboards…the necessary element of a successful and polished production.

Now, enjoy Part II of StoryBoard Myths Busted!

MYTH #3: Storyboards show every shot of every action.

FACT: It’s easy to get hung up trying to show every emotion that crosses an actors face in your storyboards, but that’s not the primary purpose of storyboards.  Use your storyboard panels to show shot setups, indicate camera movement and establish sequences to help compile a cohesive storyline.  If you find yourself looking at your storyboard and saying “but he’s not smiling”, you’re focusing on the wrong element – it’s about the shot setup, i.e. where the actor or actors  are standing, how close or far are they from the camera, what’s the location.  Your actors will have the script before the shoot and that’s when you’ll do some rehearsal/directing (you can even share your boards to help them see what you see before production). Then when you’re on the set and the actor is in the shot, that’s the perfect time to direct and pull it all together!

MYTH #4: You must create elaborate storyboards to get your point across.

FACT: Storyboards, like any media communication, need to fit the audience.  Are you the writer/director? If so, a simple shot layout may be all you need to remind you, when you’re on the set, of what the next shot set up will be.  If you are pitching an idea to a group or a client you might want to use broad concepts until they buy into your premise. This keeps them focused on your idea and prevents them from getting hung up on minor details. So “know your audience”  for your storyboards and present just as much detail as needed to communicate. Time is precious and so is your budget – spend each where it counts!

StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist storyboard software products will help you achieve your goal.

StoryBoard Quick helps teachers engage students

Teachers from Santa Cruz County learn how to use StoryBoard Quick.

StoryBoard Quick recently presented at the second annual Digital Connections Project (or “DigiConn”) of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education!  DigiConn’s goal is to connect students and teachers with digital media and project-based learning, and we at PowerProduction Software were excited to share our software StoryBoard Quick and to head some great hands-on projects!

Our CTO Paul Clatworthy visited the coastal city to talk to 50 teachers about using video in their classrooms to engage students.  Continue reading “StoryBoard Quick helps teachers engage students”

Check for Updates in StoryBoard Quick and Quick Studio!

We’ve released a new update for StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Quick Studio!

StoryBoard Quick and Quick Studio are now compatible with Mac OS X Lion, in addition to a wealth of other fixes, additions, and optimizations.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to update your StoryBoard Quick.

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QuickTip: Show Storyboards to Clients!

We hear from customers all the time that StoryBoard Quick storyboards makes quite a great impression on clients especially when pitching and presenting ideas in order to get the job. So when you need to show clients or crew your ideas, StoryBoard Quick helps you make the best impression.

Whether you’re presenting or emailing your projects, you have a multitude of options for sharing!  Print your storyboards to PDF for easy emailing, export the project as an HTML webpage for online viewing, create a flash movie to show your vision, or export to popular image files for flexibility.

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QuickTip: Export to Flash Movie!

Exporting to Flash is a great way to present a full experience of your project to clients, cast, and crew.  Flash Movies can also be emailed to share with partners or hosted on your website to show off your pre-production project.

StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist both provide a variety of export options for presenting your storyboards!  Flash Movie is one of the most popular ways to share your project, and includes many options for customizing the export.  Choose to embed the Flash Movie in an HTML webpage for easy online viewing, select sizing and video output options, customize your animatic in Artist or frame length in Quick, and more!

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New Extended Business Suite STUDIO

The popular Business Suite has just been promoted!  Now these business tycoons have twice the poses for your storyboards!

In addition to the standard six Quick poses (stand, walk, run, jump, sit, prone), Mr. and Ms. Business are now available in three elevations and eight rotations of the six exclusive Quick Studio poses: phone, point, fight, drive, type, and lounge.

When you need all your business people—from executives and paper pushers—to get down to work and get your project into production, these are the characters for you!  These poses are perfect for the work place, with phoning and typing in the office, pointing during a presentation, and even driving on the commute to the city.  The extended Studio poses of the Business Suite Studio are sure to give extra depth to your pre-production vision! Continue reading “New Extended Business Suite STUDIO”

New Extended Kids Suite STUDIO

Get twice the energy and twice the action with the expanded Kids Suite!  These kids have two times as many poses to choose from, giving your project the vitality it needs!

No matter the weather, these kids are looking for some fun!  Jody and Johnny are the perfect age to be your next child star and can be cast in a variety of ages from young schoolchildren all the way to young teenage rebels!

In addition to the standard six Quick poses (stand, walk, run, jump, sit, prone), Jody and Johnny are now available in three elevations and eight rotations of the six exclusive Quick Studio poses, specially designed for these kids: phone, point, punch/slap, kneel, type, and lounge.

From adventuring into the nearby forest to slouching through the halls of the closest junior high school, these kids have a range of positions to choose from!  These poses are the perfect addition for your next coming-of-age film, from typing reports for school to kneeling in search for a mysterious clue and lounging in the tree house during the summer, or even throwing a punch in a schoolyard scuffle.  The extended Studio poses of the Business Suite Studio are sure to give extra depth to your pre-production vision! Continue reading “New Extended Kids Suite STUDIO”