QuickTip: Show Storyboards to Clients!

We hear from customers all the time that StoryBoard Quick storyboards makes quite a great impression on clients especially when pitching and presenting ideas in order to get the job. So when you need to show clients or crew your ideas, StoryBoard Quick helps you make the best impression.

Whether you’re presenting or emailing your projects, you have a multitude of options for sharing!  Print your storyboards to PDF for easy emailing, export the project as an HTML webpage for online viewing, create a flash movie to show your vision, or export to popular image files for flexibility.

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QuickTip: Export to Flash Movie!

Exporting to Flash is a great way to present a full experience of your project to clients, cast, and crew.  Flash Movies can also be emailed to share with partners or hosted on your website to show off your pre-production project.

StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist both provide a variety of export options for presenting your storyboards!  Flash Movie is one of the most popular ways to share your project, and includes many options for customizing the export.  Choose to embed the Flash Movie in an HTML webpage for easy online viewing, select sizing and video output options, customize your animatic in Artist or frame length in Quick, and more!

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Pre-viz in 5 seconds with QuickShots!

Even if you can draw, can you make a storyboard in five seconds? We know you’d rather be directing than sitting in front of a computer. So, we’re constantly improving our technology so that you can make great-looking storyboards faster than ever before. Our new QuickShot Technology features are unlike any other. Now making a storyboard is as easy as four clicks of a mouse! It’s the fastest method ever.

  1. Select your Shot Type — We have just the shot type you need!
  2. Choose your Characters — All standard and Saved Characters are available within QuickShots!
  3. Pick a Location — From Interiors to Exteriors, place your characters in the right locale!
  4. Click Create! — It’s as easy as that to make amazing storyboards!

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QuickTip: StoryBoard Quick pre-viz shortcuts

We know that time is money, so we’ve developed the quickest storyboarding software on the planet! StoryBoard Quick has several tricks for the Frame Window that will help you storyboard faster than ever! Some of these time-savers are accessible through our extended scroll wheel features.

Select a Character or rotatable Prop in the Frame Window and use your scroll wheel to quickly rotate your Character or Prop into the different angles available!

By adding keyboard keys, you can access more fast features. Select an object in the Frame Window and hold down the Shift key while using your scroll wheel to spin your object into any orientation.  Select an object in the Frame Window and use the scroll wheel while holding down the Command (Mac) or Control (Win) key to zoom in or zoom out on that object.

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Previsualization in 10 Seconds

As always, our focus is to bring you the easiest, quickest way to create professional previsualizations for film or video projects! So if you’ve ever wondered how to do save even more time but haven’t had the time to check out the StoryBoard Quick User Guide, we’ve created QuickTips to help you get a jump start to creating fast, great-looking storyboards with StoryBoard Quick storyboard software!

In this first installment, we explain how quickly you can made your first storyboard. With StoryBoard Quick, you can literally create an amazing-looking previz in less than 10 seconds!

First, choose a character and put him in the frame. Once in the frame, you can move and rotate your character, then add a second character, zoom her and turn her around to face the first character.  Now you have an quick Over-the-Shoulder Shot. Drop in a background for your first complete storyboard frame!

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Video Tutorials for PowerProduction Storyboard Software

Our main focus at PowerProduction Software is how to make the simplest, easiest previz software so you can get your project done quickly and efficiently, with great-looking boards that will wow your clients and communicate your vision to your cast and crew.  In order to fulfill that mission, we have created Video Tutorials that are available online to all owners of StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist for pre-visualization.

For StoryBoard Quick, we will show you how to use your Characters and other Libraries, how to import your images or script, basic features like Key Color and the Crop Tool, as well as interface elements like the Main Toolbar.

We’ve made sure to explain and show off StoryBoard Artist’s additional features as well, such as accessing the multiple Caption Windows, creating Animatics, using your Timeline and Pan & Zoom tools to polish your storyboard project.  Artist tutorials are also available for basic processes like changing your Aspect Ratio, finding your Libraries, importing graphics, and inserting and using the pre-loaded artwork.

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