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Storyboard Quick and Easy

Start your project off with a shot plan. Visualize, organize and pitch your story. Turn your words into pictures and share with others to gauge their reaction.

Built-in libraries of artwork make planning, revising and communicating your ideas quick and easy.

Import script slugs, descriptions or even dialogue.

Before you get approval or before stepping onto the set, know what you want to shoot and share your vision.  


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Video, Film and Broadcast Education

The language of cinema

Creating a storyboard with StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Quick STUDIO will engage students and assist them in learning key principles of filmmaking and video production:

how to tell the story visually;
how to think in shots;
how to compose a shot before shooting;
various shot types and which to choose;
compose on the z-axis to create compelling shots with depth;
match screen movement direction for better post production editing;
and more.

See Martin Scorsese on the Importance of Visual Literacy



Video as a second language

Create storyboards to teach storytelling, literary structure and compelling video that others will want to watch.

Learning how to make effective video projects is similar to learning a second language. If we think of a video camera as our voice. For most of us it's simple to make sounds. For most of us using a camera is as easy. But what you record uses a language of shots and actions. Will the audience hear, see and understand what your students are saying. And is what your students record actually what they want to communicate.

Exposition - introduces the characters, setting, and basic situation Conflict - a struggle between opposing forces;
External Conflict - man against man, man against nature, man against society
Internal Conflict - man against himself Rising Action - Development/Plot - sequence of cause-and-effect events;
Climax - the high point in the action of the plot, also called the turning point;
Faling Action -
Resolution - the outcome of the conflict

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storyboard software in classroomFREE Teacher's Guide with Site License Purchases

storyboard for quick visualization preproduction

Hero's Journey

storyboard Artist is feature-packed for quick preproduction

storyboard Artist is feature-packed for quick preproduction

from StoryBoard Quick K12 Teachers Guide


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EDU Site License Pricing

storyboard software in classroomFREE Teacher's Guide with Site License Purchases

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storyboard software feature-packed for quick preproduction
StoryBoard Quick helps teach storytelling beyond shooting video

For Education and Government multiple user purchases, contact sales at 408-559-0800 or chat with us for a quote.

StoryBoard Software in Classrooms

StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist Benefits

StoryBoard Artist easy to Navigate Easy-to-navigate Storyboard Interface
Fluid storyboarding workspace. Jump from Page Layout to Timeline to Overview and back in our intuitive, multi-window interface.
StoryBoard Artist save time with it's integrated timelineMake videos like the pros
Preview and present your storyboard projects before going into production, Gives you an edge with your vision, your sequence timing and your time on the set..
StoryBoard Artist Pan & Zoom  Overview
Move objects independently making shot easy to recompose.

StoryBoard Artist 3dPowerful Imports and Exports
Importing and Exporting capabilities makes working with other programs easy. Drag and drop images from Internet or desktop directly into frames.
StoryBoard Artist Imports ScriptsImport screenplay script text
Start storyboarding from a script. Flexible script imports make it easy to use text from major screenwriting and text apps including Final Draft, Screenwriter and Word.
artwork includedThousands of images
Storyboard artwork libraries included. Choose from colorable characters as well as backgrounds and props.

Easy-to-Create Professional Results

Advanced features in StoryBoard Artist storyboard software can assist prototyping for any type of media development: film, video, broadcast television and web development.

 Storyboard Video Tutorial

StoryBoard application's video tutorials supply tips and tricks to get you started quickly to make professional storyboards and presentations.

 Great Tech Support if Needed

PowerProduction FREE Tech Support is here for you when you need it. Upgrades and updates regularly available.

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