Access Nova Scotia Id Requirements

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How do you know if you are eligible for a driver`s licence in Nova Scotia? It is recommended that each person review the requirements. Next, make sure that you have met all the mandatory requirements before applying for the license. The test drive As soon as these requirements are met, the applicant can book a test drive. Based on existing test drives, a Nova Scotia resident will be classified as a newly licensed driver for a period of at least 24 months. There will always be driving restrictions that will be applied for people with this driver classification. The application must be submitted PERSONALLY with the corresponding identification requirements. For more information on identification requirements, click here. If all requirements are met and the application has been approved, the applicant can expect to receive their photo identification by mail within 14 calendar days of a visit to an Access Nova Scotia office or the Motor Vehicle Registry. The ID(s) you present to us must be original, unexpired and valid and must not be physically disfigured. We reserve the right to contact the issuer of any identification document you present to us to verify that document and we will record the details of any identification documents you present to us. Documents to verify name and confirm a financial account To apply for a principal number, Nova Scotia photo ID or Nova Scotia driver`s licence, you must provide proof of your age and name. Defensive Driving Program New drivers must complete a defensive driving program. Learners must register and pass either a 6-hour course in safety and defensive driving techniques or a comprehensive 35-hour driver training program.

A certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete these courses. This certificate must be duly entered in the register of motor vehicles. This apprenticeship driver`s license is suitable for those who wish to acquire a Class 7 or Class 8 driver`s license. These drivers are then allowed to drive a vehicle as long as they comply with the mandatory restrictions applied to all persons classified as “learning drivers”. Earn more reward points and redeem them for food, gift cards, travel and more. Even insurance. Take a second look at your travel insurance with ScotiaLife Financial. This card is often required to participate in age-restricted activities (e.g., B attend certain films) or to purchase age-restricted products (e.g.B alcohol or tobacco products, etc.). For people under the age of 12, we require that a parent or guardian open the person`s account and that the parent or guardian provide original government-issued photo ID or documents from two trusted independent sources to confirm their own identity.

If you ask us, as the legal guardian of a minor, to open an account for the minor, you must also provide us with a certified copy of the legal document confirming your guardianship. If you are unable to provide identification or documents using any of the above methods, you must provide us with the following: GDL System Nova Scotia implemented a multi-level system for driver`s licences in 1994. There are three levels of license classification (learner-newly licensed-full license). This comprehensive system is now used for all new drivers applying for a licence within the boundaries of Nova Scotia. Novice drivers can apply for a ticket at the age of 16 (with the written consent of their parents or guardians). At the age of 19, a person does not need to obtain written consent and can apply for a licence on their own behalf. The term “principal number” or “principal customer number” refers to the number on your driver`s licence or vehicle register under the heading “Master”. For an individual, this 14-digit issue consists of Exploring Real Estate and Neighborhoods with our new home buying tool.

The applicant must come in person to have their photo taken and pay $17.70 (no fee will be charged). If your name has changed as a result of a marriage or domestic partnership, a marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate can be used as proof of a name change. In addition to the identification and documents you must provide to us, you must also provide us with the following information if it is not on the badges you have presented: Effective May 1, 1994, the Nova Scotia Photo Identification Card replaced the identification cards previously issued by the Nova Scotia Liquor Board. The card is valid for 5 years. In some cases, a new driver may apply for exemption status, which allows them to drive a vehicle overnight (12:00 to 17:00) when they need to be transported to work. These situations are assessed individually. Return to the Register of Motor Vehicles in the Registration Register of Approval Acceptable Identification Documents/Documents with dual process to verify name and date of birth Proof of age and name • Visit the Website for a list of acceptable documents or request information In some cases, we may be required to provide the identity and/or information you provided to yourself before opening an account, further investigation and verification. .

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