Announcing StoryBoard Quick v6.1 !

April 29, 2012 - Events, News

StoryBoard Quick v6.1  is the latest in our popular line of StoryBoard Quick previzualization tools!  This new version emphasizes portability and functionality with iPhone and iPad compatibility and updated features!

If you already own Quick v6, upgrade your storyboarding software to StoryBoard Quick v6.1 today.

StoryBoard Quick v6.1 now imports projects from StoryBoard Quick Direct, our newest iOS app that lets you storyboard on the go!  Download StoryBoard Quick Direct onto your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to place storyboarding power in your pocket.  Then, upload StoryBoard Quick Direct projects to PowerProduction’s cloud and open it in your desktop copy of New StoryBoard Quick v6.1!

In order to maximize compatibility with the StoryBoard Quick Direct app for iPhone, StoryBoard Quick v6.1 can work with  The Stand-In Library  (available separately)!  They’re ready to stand in for any character, bringing simple line-drawings into the mix to represent anyone, anywhere!

The new version Quick v6.1 & Quick Studio v6.1 adds the Layers Palette for optimized storyboarding.  With the Layers Palette, manage the elements of your frames with additional ease: group, copy, delete, and change the order of layers with this palette. This advanced feature, previously available in StoryBoard Artist v5 is now in StoryBoard Quick v6.1 too!

Aspect Overlays, just one more addition to v.6.1, show an overlay within your frame in various aspect ratio options for use as a safe-compose area when storyboarding in your desired format!

StoryBoard Quick 6.1 comes with updated tutorials, to help you hit the ground running and makes this storyboarding software fast to learn as well as fast to create!  We’ve also included a new and updated User’s Guide to guide you through each feature of the new StoryBoard Quick version 6.1.