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Top 10 videos in the “I am What I Learn” Video Contest posted
If you’re curious about what America’s students are thinking about their education and what’s important to them, you can go to [...]
“I Am What I Learn” Deadline is coming up!
We couldn’t have been happier with the level of participation from schools throughout the country in PowerProduction’s portion of President [...]
Contest is ON!… for students over 13
The “I Am What I Learn” video contest rules state: Entrants must be active students age 13 or older by October 8, 2009. OK, so we live in a [...]
“I Am What I Learn” contest criteria
For the complete rules and information related to the contest you can visit The contest rules are as follows: -Each video must be [...]
Update ‘I Am What I Learn’
While we put the finishing touches on a new educational version of StoryBoard Quick, the Department of Education is finalizing the ‘I Am What I [...]
Contest on, but no details
PowerProduction contacted and we’re told that the contest is still going to happen but there were no more details about the deadline dates or [...]