Be creative – win free stuff!
Wavebreak Media in the UK is currently promoting their “Creativity Awards 2009” and giving out some nice prizes to those who show talent in [...]
Getting the job done!
We always like hearing from our clients and what they are working on.  Whether it be student films or Terminator: Salvation, we love hearing how people are [...]
Contest is ON!… for students over 13
The “I Am What I Learn” video contest rules state: Entrants must be active students age 13 or older by October 8, 2009. OK, so we live in a [...]
Contest on, but no details
PowerProduction contacted and we’re told that the contest is still going to happen but there were no more details about the deadline dates or [...]
We remember
“I Am What I Learn” video contest
The “I am What I Learn” website at pulled the inital information about the video contest from their site. Then the details were said to [...]
Playing well with others
To make sure that StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist play well with others we need to visit the Apple Compatibility Lab in Cupertino, CA.  As Apple [...]
DGA get togethers!
The cool thing about meeting some of the folks at the Directors Guild was that they’ve got projects in the works know that they need what we have to [...]
DGA friends
A friend of mine tells me that half the trick is to “show up.” So even though I wasn’t thrilled about taking a quick flight from No. Cali [...]
DGA Digital Day Conference
Directors, actor-directors, director-producers and even director-actor-producers-editors-sound designers. We met a lot of great Directors Guild members and [...]