New Version of StoryBoard Quick for Mac OS 10.9
Free update for all SBQ and SBQ Studio 6.1 users!  We have a brand new version of the #1 easy-to-use digital storyboarding solution, StoryBoard Quick and [...]
Remembering Screenwriting Guru Syd Field
Syd Field helped teach the art of making movies. The movie making community lost a prominent member this week when screenwriting guru and author Syd Field [...]
New Version of StoryBoard Artist for Mac
Free update for all SBA and STUDIO 5.1 users It’s time to check for updates to make sure you are on the latest version of StoryBoard Artist!
StoryBoard Quick Direct for iPad – New Version 2.0!
New character add functionality to StoryBoard Quick Direct for the iPad! The best mobile storyboarding software app on the market just got even better! [...]
StoryBoard Artist New Version Now Available for Registered Users
StoryBoard Artist 5.1 Increases Speed and Adds Features PowerProduction Software is always updating and improving our software to make it the [...]
Avid and PowerProduction Create Partnership Over A Martini
PowerProduction’s Powerhouse Post-Vis Tool Featured in the Avid Store. PowerProduction Software and Avid’s software have worked closely [...]
StoryBoard Software Update: Quick Gets Quicker!
StoryBoard Quick storyboard software gets a new, free update. If you haven’t recently Checked For Updates on your copy of StoryBoard Quick 6.1 [...]
Storyboards: Key to The Master Plan
Storyboards Effect Every Stage of Production The best films are made from the ground up. You lay down a comprehensive base of ideas, script and storyboards [...]
Original Content Is On The Rise II: Start Storyboarding
Storyboard your original content Recently, we wrote a post about why, as a writer, director or producer, now is an amazing time to be an original content [...]
Avid Plugin: Martini QuickShot for Avid Editors Released
Edit Much? Avid plugin, Martini QuickShot Creator v2 is now available for Avid editors using Media Composer & Symphony. If you’re an editor and [...]
New Version of StoryBoard Quick & StoryBoard Quick Studio
PowerProduction Software has increased features to offer maximum compatibility with industry software and now offers a new script import for Movie Magic [...]
Keep On Creating: Storyboard your big ideas
We may just be in the next Golden Era of original content. Which means that it’s a great time to be an original content creator (and don’t [...]