Storyboard Software [ Press Release ] StoryBoard Quick Studio Release
Storyboard Quick Studio is Finally Here. StoryBoard Quick Studio Press Release
A New Meaning to Phoning it in
From the vaults of what’s new From the vaults of “what’s new, what’s next, what’s what?”…comes this video from [...]
PowerProduction Storyboard Software website
We’ve got a new look and a new website at PowerProduction Software!  We hope you enjoy poking around and, of course, feel free to use our Live Chat [...]
Video Contest Winners are Announced
“The U.S. Department of Education announced today that the following students are winners of its “I Am What I Learn” video contest: Rene Harris, Alex [...]
Awaiting the Video Contest Results
The voting is over and the waiting begins.  The three winners of the “I Am What I Learn” Video Contest are scheduled to be announced “mid [...]
Contest is ON!… for students over 13
The “I Am What I Learn” video contest rules state: Entrants must be active students age 13 or older by October 8, 2009. OK, so we live in a [...]
“I Am What I Learn” contest criteria
For the complete rules and information related to the contest you can visit The contest rules are as follows: -Each video must be [...]
Update ‘I Am What I Learn’
While we put the finishing touches on a new educational version of StoryBoard Quick, the Department of Education is finalizing the ‘I Am What I [...]
More power for your “I Am What I Learn” projects…
After puts out more details (possibly Friday or Monday) you can check out SVNcontestdemo .com  for information on other companies who are [...]
“I Am What I Learn” video contest
The “I am What I Learn” website at pulled the inital information about the video contest from their site. Then the details were said to [...]
President Obama’s “I Am What I Learn”
In preparation to help students participate in President Obama’s “I Am What I Learn” Video Contest, PowerProduction Software will provide [...]
Playing well with others
To make sure that StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist play well with others we need to visit the Apple Compatibility Lab in Cupertino, CA.  As Apple [...]