Congratulations Emmy Award Winners!

June 23, 2011 - News

Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game ShowWheel of Fortune Director, Mark Corwin, is proud to say that he’s “been using StoryBoard Quick for many years” in pre-production for the show, which recently was honored by a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show!

Outstanding Game Show

Congratulations to Mark, and to the entire cast and crew of Wheel of Fortune!  Though this isn’t the first time that The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has praised the game show, this year’s win indicates how successfully Wheel of Fortune has remained current over its many great years of broadcast.

After the Emmy Awards, Mark shared with us, “I’d like to think that Storyboard Quick played a part in this as well.”  Using the StoryBoard Quick on the shoot for each prize location allows Mark to send his storyboards to all the show’s departments, a pre-production step that Mark says is always appreciated.

We’re excited for Mark and the show, and we’re truly humbled by the loyalty that our customers have to our products.  Thanks for the continued support, and congratulations to all our other Emmy Award winning users!


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