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June 25, 2012 - Events, Useful Resources

Storyboards can be the perfect way to communicate your cinematic ideas. But every once in a while you need to give presentations that extra power that only an animatic storyboard can bring. Putting your storyboards into motion not only establishes your shots but also helps set timing, mood, and pace when you layer in music,sound fx) to sequences. 

Animatics are essentially animated storyboards that give presentations that extra “oomph!.”

For example artist, Jane Wu, who drew storyboards for the massive blockbuster, ‘The Avengers.’ Her work shows scenes and sequences in motion in stunning animatics which give you a real feel for the scenes and how they will play out when photographed or fully rendered. 

Create dazzling animatics with ease

If you need to create super-powered animatics, look no further than PowerProduction Software’s pro StoryBoard Artist storyboard software.

As you create each board, an animatic is being created in the Timeline ready for you to set durations, add music / sound tracks, frame transitions and even create motion graphics like Pan & Zoom.

No doubt, Jane Wu is an amazing artist. But with StoryBoard Artist digital storyboard software you don’t need to have “pen on paper” talent to deliver  stunning presentation. StoryBoard Artist storyboard software comes with a ton of built-in artwork which can be helpful when creating your high-powered presentations. 

On the other hand, if you can draw like Jane, we’ve got you covered too! StoryBoard Artist Studio’s Edition come complete with Paint Layer and Draw Tools. 

So whether you work a 30-second commercial or the next Super Hero Blockbuster, consider creating an animatic. It’ll add a little punch to your pitch! 

Go ahead, check out the demo on our StoryBoard Artist page!

Finally, check out Jane Wu’s website for more examples of animatics and static storyboards.


One thought on “Create Super-Powered Animatics!


Yes, there was no sound attached to the Jane Wu animatic but it is possible to add sound when creating your own animatic project (Using StoryBoard Artist 5.1 you can add sound to the animatics and export for online viewing).


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