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August 7, 2009 - Events

dga2A friend of mine tells me that half the trick is to “show up.” So even though I wasn’t thrilled about taking a quick flight from No. Cali (as my NY friends call California) to LA…I talked myself into “showing up” at the DGA day. We got to meet a lot of great folks who were looking at all the toys and technology and trying to figure out what they needed and what was extraneous. We also ran into a lot of folks we know and some of our users. That’s usually fun.


Must be something good to see here... Oh it's SBQ6

One visitor passed by, however, and said, “Oh I remember this… when they were just stick figures.” That was at ShowBiz Expo years ago. To us, that’s like grandma telling you I remember when you were in diapers. Thanks for the memories, but I’ve moved on, at least for now.
“So show me what you’ve got now”…and then the demo ensued. He was interested then and is still interested, but  he really wants the software to make the movie for him… as he sees in his head. Ahh, every director’s dream. It’s called a “dwim” feature….a “do-what-I-mean” feature and if PowerProduction continues to be clever and keeps the funding coming, his movie could be in a theatre near you soon…until then, using our software, will help most creative minds get the movie they see in their heads made. So we’ll KUTGW until we CID…the DWIM I mean. OMG I think I mixed my technologies. LOL


DGA Director Fred Gallo shows what he knows about storyboarding with SBQ6

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