DGA get togethers!

August 9, 2009 - Events, Film Production

The cool thing about meeting some of the folks at the Directors Guild was that they’ve got projects in the works know that they need what we have to offer. A quick and easy tool, that quickly enables them to make a visual plan so when they get on the set, they can concentrate on being creative rather than concentrating on the technical settings or set up when they’re in front of actors.


Director Roger Christiansen, of Hannah Montana series (33 episodes) and Actor-Director Rondell Sheridan, of Cory in the House series have worked on the same sets numerous times. Since both are now users of StoryBoard Quick (Mac),  there must be more directing going on in Hollywood, despite the rumors.  We’ll keep a look out for their respective works. And another thing: Rondell requested a new feature.  We’ll have it for him soon.  And it’s sort of a DWIM button, at least for Rondell. We hope you’ll use it too!

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