“I Am What I Learn” video contest

September 10, 2009 - Events, News

The “I am What I Learn” website at pulled the inital information about the video contest from their site. Then the details were said to “be coming soon.” Then the post was changed to “watch this page ( for details as they become available. ”

While we’re not positive why the contest rules were pulled down, we can take a wild guess.  Could it be that YouTube isn’t the educators’ first choice for viewing video and Google (YouTube’s owner) and the administration didn’t know that?  And the “13 years old” requirement must also be related to YouTube being the host of choice.  How about using SchoolTube instead?

One way or another, a contest will be held!  So rev your creative juices and check back with us to see who else is getting involved and what other companies will step up to assist you with your projects.  We have a couple names that we’ll release (as soon as they put their offers together).

By the way, the feedback we’re getting is exciting and we can tell the students and teachers are excited about showing off their student’s creativity.