Apple likes us, they really like us!

August 24, 2009 - News


Of course, they do. We’re Mac First developers and have been for 15 years. And now, StoryBoard Quick is in Apple stores across the US (and online).

So if you’re looking for something cool to buy in the Apple Store, and have already bought 3 iPhones and FCP, you will be able to buy StoryBoard Quick now too. If you’re already a user, StoryBoard Quick makes a perfect gift for the other filmmakers in your life. Or for the producer you live with or for the teacher who has everything. Don’t forget, the holidays are coming too so buy early, beat the rush and maybe you’ll have time to wrap.  Plus, Apple needs the revenue. Their stock reflects that! No?

If you’re looking for a demo, be sure to ask to see StoryBoard Quick at the Genius Bar in the store. Also, we’ll be on the tour again soon to give Quick demos in person. Our band of roaming filmmakers will probably be in a store near you (between shooting their own films). And as soon as more Apple stores install SBQ6 on their in-store computers, you’ll be able to go to the store to see how easy and fun it is to use for yourself. Heck you’d probably be able to storyboard your whole project right there in the store.

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