John Hart workshops with StoryBoard Quick

July 29, 2011 - Digital Storytelling, Events

Last weekend, StoryBoard Quick was proud to sponsor the pre-production workshop with John Hart!  Hart is an experienced director, writer, and artist who has created and taught pre-production storyboards for years.

The attendees walked away with a wealth of information and advice from Hart, from the importance of previsualization to design elements to keep in mind and even some simple ways to draw storyboards!  We at PowerProduction Software know that being a creative doesn’t necessarily come with the ability to draw, which is why we happily sponsored the event and even gave away StoryBoard Quick 6 to a lucky attendee!

StoryBoard Quick’s artwork gives directors and producers libraries of Characters, Props, and Locations to make storyboarding a snap!  Rotating Characters drop into the frame with ease and look great with the accompanying artwork in a fast, intuitive interface designed to help you create fantastic storyboards in a fraction of the time.

John Hart shared some of the key points from his workshop with us to pass on to our readers:

  1. Separate the image/storyboard frame into Foreground, Midground, and Background space using to advantage one-point perspective and its vanishing point.
  2. Use receding planes / depth of field.
  3. Be aware of lighting sources that give dimension to shaded figures.
  4. Take advantage of the Golden Proportion (the principle of thirds), i.e. dividing the film frame into 2/3, 1/3 proportions, vertically and horizontally.
  5. Be aware of the Center of Interest in your film frame.
  6. Use strong compositional devices such as the Pyramid, the Cone, and the use of Curvilinear Lines to frame Center of Interest.
  7. Follow the 5th line design factor, which leads the audience to the chosen center of interest / action. and John Hart share our passion for filmmaking education, and we’re grateful for a chance to support them in their series of continuing education hands-on workshops!