Martini QuickShot Update for Premiere Pro CS5.5

June 29, 2011 - News

Adobe recently released the new CS5.5 version for Premiere Pro, and we’ve updated Martini QuickShot for Windows so you don’t even have to break stride in creating great digital slugs for post-production.  Keep your system at the top of its game by staying current on new Adobe and Martini versions today!

If you haven’t checked out Martini QuickShot Creator for Post-Visualization yet, check out the FREE Demo here!  (Sorry Free Trial has ended) Martini includes hundreds of shot templates, ready to be customized with built-in Interior Locations, Exterior Locations, and stylish Characters.  Pull these elements into a great-looking shot in seconds and export your sequence into Final Cut Pro for Mac or Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows.  Say good-bye to nondescript slugs of white text on black frames and say hello to colorful, descriptive and specific slugs!

To check for updates on an existing version of Martini for Windows, launch Adobe Premiere Pro and open a new Martini QuickShot project.  Under preferences, click Check for Updates.  This will launch a webpage that will provide you with the update for your system.

Martini QuickShot is on the leading edge of innovation and is compatible with Adobe’s Premiere Pro versions CS4, CS5, and the new CS5.5, meaning that you can benefit from the shot-generating power of Martini QuickShot no matter what system you’re using!