StoryBoard Software Update: Quick Gets Quicker!

August 1, 2013 - News

StoryBoard Quick storyboard software gets a new, free update.

If you haven’t recently Checked For Updates on your copy of StoryBoard Quick 6.1 storyboard software now is the perfect time to do so.

StoryBoard  Software Update for StoryBoard Quick

StoryBoard Quick has a new free update

There’s a brand new, free update for all registered users of the current version of StoryBoard Quick available and we think you’re going to like it. The latest version is re-optimized for speed on all of the latest operating systems, so no matter what OS you are on Quick just got quicker! The new update also includes new storyboard software import features including updated importing of all Final Draft projects as well as new importing ability for Adobe Story. No matter what software you use to write your script, you can import it and visualize it with StoryBoard Quick.

If you aren’t on the latest version of StoryBoard Quick, no problem – we have upgrade paths from all previous versions to get you up and running on the very latest version.  Additionally, if you are looking to jump from one version to another, the upgrade paths are easy to take advantage of.

Updating is easy – simply go to your HELP Menu at the very top of your screen while StoryBoard Quick is launched, scroll down to Check For Updates and the software will guide you through the rest.  Once you have downloaded and updated, you will be able to relaunch the software and open any projects you may have been working on with the new version and continue your work.  There will be no interruption of your current draft of your project so you can update anytime.

So, don’t wait, Check for Updates today and get on the latest and greatest version of the #1 storyboard software for writers, directors and producers: StoryBoard Quick!


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