Quick and Artist speed improved for Mountain Lion and more

September 1, 2012 - News

PowerProduction Releases Storyboard Software Update for MAC OS Mountain Lion and More

Los Gatos, California -September, 2012

PowerProduction Software has released an update for StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Quick STUDIO, StoryBoard Artist and StoryBoard Artist Studio to run on Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion. The release also  speeds up image processing and adds updated import for Gorilla Scheduling .xlsx files.

The latest version is also available Windows OS as it also adds the capability to connect to PowerProduction Software’s new mobile apps.

The storyboard software line of products now give professionals the ability to work on set, on location and then continue to refine and design on their desktop or laptop.

“We strive to make the ‘idea-generation’ process as easy, flexible and accessible as possible for all our users,” say Paul Clatworthy.

The mobile app for creating mobile storyboards, StoryBoard Quick Direct, is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.  The mobile app for viewing storyboard projects created within StoryBoard Quick and/or StoryBoard Artist is available for the iOS.

With the additon of the mobile apps, PowerProduction has released new vector characters available in their “Stand-in” character Library.

“We plan to run contests on Facebook and Twitter where we will gift some mobile apps to acquaint new users to our unique and easy method of creating storyboards,” says Clatworthy. “Put a camera or cell phone in the hands of a creative filmmaker and every moment of every day offers opportunity for inspiration. Instead of attempting to remember that spark of creativity or jotting down notes, our users can take a picture, add a character, dictate notes and  capture the idea…along with the moment and image that inspired it.”

Pricing & Availability

PowerProduction’s various storyboard software products are available now directly from PPS. PowerProduction Software’s mobile apps are available from the Apple store or from Google Play.

About PowerProduction Software

Founded in 1993, PowerProduction Software develops preproduction software for media directors, writers, producers, filmmakers which enhances the process of digital filmmaking, available on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. PowerProduction Software is located in Los Gatos, CA.

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