Social Media Holds Hollywood to Higher Standards

January 11, 2011 - Film Production, News

The advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have brought an end to the low-quality, highly marketed blockbusters of Hollywood.  With real-time updating, moviegoers review and influence movies’ success, bringing new power to their demands for original, quality films.  The New York Times reports, “One by one, these expensive yet middle-of-the-road pictures delivered disappointing results or flat-out flopped”

Predicting the future

“We think the future is about filmmakers with original voices,” said Amy Pascal, Sony’s co-chairwoman. “Original is good, and good is commercial.”

In response, Hollywood studios find themselves searching for original voices and directorial artistry to fulfill the expectations of their audiences.

We recognized audiences’ hunger for quality for a long time. And we think our users know this too. It’s for this reason, we think they use StoryBoard Quick to plan their films, bringing planning and vision to the forefront of their projects.

For your next highbrow concept, use the pre-production power of StoryBoard Quick to plan your film and impress your audience.

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