StoryBoard Artist 5 Movie Demonstration!

Updated June 25, 2011 - Events, News by MGmw mm

We’re excited to show off the great new features of StoryBoard Artist 5, the latest and greatest in previz, storyboard software.  Click to check out the movie demo below for a preview of the new features you’ll find in Artist 5—including high-res artwork, new 3D options, QuickShots technology, expanded Sketch modes, intuitive Timeline controls, and more!

View our StoryBoard Artist 5 Demo here!

With almost 30 times more artwork than StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Artist has all the features of Quick and more. Its timeline has tracks of sound and transitions, making it easy to create an animatic of the storyboards. The new Artist 5 also has new import options, such as 3D images and videos, plus increased QuickShots technology from StoryBoard Quick STUDIO and expanded Sketch modes for both printing and working.

See more about StoryBoard Artist 5 here!

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