StoryBoard Artist New Version Now Available for Registered Users

September 4, 2013 - Events, News

StoryBoard Artist 5.1 Increases Speed and Adds Features

PowerProduction Software is always updating and improving our software to make it the easiest-to-use, more powerful previzualization tool on the planet. That mean, for all current users of StoryBoard Artist, it’s time once again to Check for Updates and make sure you have the very latest version of your application.

The latest update is free for all registered users of StoryBooard Artist 5.1+ and above. Simply launch your application and, when opened, go to your HELP Menu and select CHECK FOR UPDATES. The application will automatically check to make sure you are on the latest. If you are, then you’re all set! If there’s an update to download and install, it will be instantly available to you.

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This is an update not to skip too as it promises to increase the application speed on both Mac and Windows making creating storyboards faster than ever. The new update also installs the latest features to help you import your script from Final Draft as well as brand new support for Adobe Story. No matter what you use to write your script with, StoryBoard Artist looks to help you add your vision to your words.

Also included is enhanced functionality for SketchUp import. If you need a particular 3D object to blend into your storyboards, StoryBoard Artist helps you by allowing you to import SketchUp files, find the angle you need and place them into your shot. It’s 3D made easy!

Finally, the new update upgrades the connectivity to the line of PowerProduction Mobile Apps. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t always be creating and now, the #1 name in storyboards allows you to create storyboards on the go and bring them back into your desktop applications. StoryBoard Artist grabs your storyboards from the cloud, allowing you to edit and augment them with the full power of the Artist library.

Are you not on the latest version? Looking to upgrade to a new copy of StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist? Chat with us Our storyboard specialists will help you select the perfect software for your project!

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