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February 22, 2010 - Events

Check out the storyboards here!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for taking out the time to check out the winner selection process for the Customer Survey iPod Contest.  Again, we really appreciate all of your time and input and your answers both shed light on how to make StoryBoard Quick storyboard software better as well as let us know how much you guys enjoy the software.

Click here to view!

Click here to view!

So, I thought it would be fun to create a short little video of how we determined a winner while at the same time show how StoryBoard Quick can help you prepare for even the simplest of projects.  So I fired up StoryBoard Quick 6 and first thought about what shots I would use.  You can see all of the storyboards at the link above, so check them out. One of the important starting points was that I didn’t get too detailed at first.  Since this was going to be a small crew (a couple co-workers and myself) I plotted the major shots so I could have an idea of where I was going.  The master shot in the office, a couple of close-ups of the process and then the name of the winner coming into the camera.  Some easy stuff, right?  The whole storyboarding process for this short video took me, maybe, 15 minutes but what it provided was a clear blueprint of how I wanted both the shots to look as well as what the final edit would be.

So while I was storyboarding I was thinking to myself “on this shot I’ll say this, and the next shot I’ll say that”.  I found that the visuals of the storyboards actually influenced my short script as there were things I could SHOW and not TELL.  I didn’t have to say “we printed all the names on the printer, cut them out, folded them up, etc.”  You could see that!  You gotta remember, always be showing!

But of course, as you can see, this couldn’t have been shot linear – we needed to actually DO all of those things you saw in the video before picking a winner.  So we shot “out of order” and once again, it was the storyboards that guided us when shooting.

Ultimately, my storyboards saved me a ton of time!  I’ve got things to do!  So I couldn’t spend all day figuring out what I was going to do on the fly, right?  I cranked out all of the intercut shots in a matter of minutes and had them ready to go once we were ready for the master shot, the next day.

Is this video Taxi Driver? Star Wars? Of course not, but we did board it and shoot it in about 30 minutes.  The master shot was done in a single take to preserve the credibility of the winner, so forgive me for my non-Oscar caliber acting job.

But I thought I’d put all of this down so you can see that the power of StoryBoard Quick comes in all forms.  It helps you organize and plan your shots, it can help you write what needs to be said while showing what can be shown and it saves you a ton of time in providing a production blueprint.  As short as it is, we cranked it out in record time as something fun to show you guys.

So thanks for reading and we’ll be making more videos and having more contests in the future so keep checking back with us and look over the storyboard software website while you are here.

Happy Boarding!


3 thoughts on “StoryBoard Quick Customer Survey iPod Winner!


Awesome video! What a fun contest!


I wish that I won. Your welcome. Thanks for the storyboarding info for this video. Helped a lot.

James Mcloughlin

This means my luck on those power ball lottos may be a thing of the past, the storyboarding video has interested me in tutorials… doing more writing and research than boarding at the moment, and I am learning your program as I go.



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