StoryBoard Quick update streamlines Final Draft import

December 27, 2010 - Events, News

We recently updated StoryBoard Quick 6 to StoryBoard Quick 6.0.4. Registered users can download it for free! Just go to your help menu and choose Check For Updates.

Update? or Upgrade?   What’s the difference.  We get this question all the time. So here’s our answer and our philosophy.

Updates are provided by our tech staff and include minor changes or minor  feature upgrades to help you maintain your current version. Both Apple and Microsoft release minor updates (bug fixes, security patches, optimizations) between new OS versions and at times their updates conflict with PowerProduction Software’s code. So our tech staff is constantly testing and busy keeping all of our products current and optimized for both Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems.

Upgrades, however, are new versions of the software. Typically a new version has a new “Look and Feel” and new number.  PowerProduction Software upgrades when the “technical landscape” changes radically or when new features require rewriting a good percentage if not all of the code.

So with that explained, the latest update to StoryBoard Quick 6  is a free download to current registered users of SBQuick 6. The update reads Final Draft (scriptwriting software) new project format which streamlines the ability to import scripts into StoryBoard Quick 6.

With the latest update of StoryBoard Quick 6, you no longer have to export your screenplay from Final Draft. So update today.  Use the Help Menu to check for updates. We’d love to hear from you about how you use the new import for your screenplays.

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