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PowerProduction speaks on career education
As a committed partner of the Santa Clara County Office of Education, PowerProduction Software’s founder is participating in a panel for the Career [...]
StoryBoard Quick revisits the red carpet at AFI
For the second year in a row, StoryBoard Quick made an appearance at the prestigious AFI Fest.  The glitz and glamour of the film festival made our popular [...]
StoryBoarding for Students
We at PowerProduction often talk about how invaluable pre-production is to the film making process, and how helpful our customers have found our [...]
Get Your Storyboard In Front Of An Audience…Fast…With StoryBoard Quick 6
When you’re designing digital storyboards, you should be able to take advantage of every feature in order to get your vision out to the right people. With [...]
Storyboarding Made Easy with New Tools And Techniques!
If you’ve struggled to get the best out of modern storyboarding software, you might be wondering how the newest animation tool can make it all [...]
“I Am What I Learn” Deadline is coming up!
We couldn’t have been happier with the level of participation from schools throughout the country in PowerProduction’s portion of President [...]
Be creative – win free stuff!
Wavebreak Media in the UK is currently promoting their “Creativity Awards 2009” and giving out some nice prizes to those who show talent in [...]
Update ‘I Am What I Learn’
While we put the finishing touches on a new educational version of StoryBoard Quick, the Department of Education is finalizing the ‘I Am What I [...]
President Obama’s “I Am What I Learn”
In preparation to help students participate in President Obama’s “I Am What I Learn” Video Contest, PowerProduction Software will provide [...]
Playing well with others
To make sure that StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist play well with others we need to visit the Apple Compatibility Lab in Cupertino, CA.  As Apple [...]