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PowerProduction Software releases StoryBoard Quick v.5
StoryBoard Quick's v.5 helps directors use pictures to speak louder than words!

Los Gatos, CA, June 15, 2006 -StoryBoard Quick advances and enhances the ability of rapid pre-visualization which is an essential part of the creative work flow in film, video and digital storytelling. StoryBoard Quick's new "look and feel" is all about being image-ready to "quickly" get beyond preproduction in order to proceed into production. With thousands of images to draw from, planning shots visually is easy, even if you can't draw.

"Over the last 10 years PowerProduction Software has provided filmmakers with quick and easy methods of communicating shot ideas and setups for media productions. Filmmakers of all experience levels and budgets have come to discover StoryBoard Quick as "the great equalizer" because you don't need to know how to draw to communicate your ideas visually. It could be one of Hollywood's best kept secrets" says Sally Walsh, Founder and CEO, "it's truly a director's tool."

"We were shooting a unique sequence, different from our usual three camera set up," said Roger Christiansen, Director of Disney's new series, Hanna Montana. "I needed to show them how I envisioned 'the car running over Oprah sequence," Roger continued. "So I opened my laptop, fired up StoryBoard Quick and in a few seconds we were all on the same page for the series of shots."

The new version enhancements continue to work well within desktop and laptop environments making it easy for first unit and second unit directors to visualize their shots, even while on the set. Thousands of new ready-made images of characters, props and locations, specifically designed for filmmakers, give users a head start on planning and visually breaking down scripts before shooting. Import options enable users to scout their actual locations and substitute digital pictures into frames as background elements. Printing is still quick and easy and makes creating professional visual presentations to crew and clients a breeze.

New features include colorizable characters in more angles and elevations, rotatable props and more backgrounds. Characters come in various action poses and angles. New vector draw tools complete the 2D visualization package. Caption windows hold script elements and dialog. And 3D direction arrows have been added to indicate camera movements.

StoryBoard Quick is available as a downloadable product from the PowerProduction website or as a physical CD for both Mac and Windows platforms. StoryBoard Quick v5 is sold through select dealers and resellers worldwide or through PowerProduction direct at 1 408 559 0800.

About PowerProduction Software

PowerProduction Software, based in Los Gatos, California, is a worldwide leader of storyboard software for writers, directors, independent filmmakers, videograhers, game developers and media professionals. The powerful and innovative visualization features of the StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist product lines translates into significant savings for individuals and production companies looking to increase their efficiency and quality of visual-idea communication with clients and/or crew members.

PowerProduction’s client base ranges from major studios creating Hollywood blockbuster live action features to individual filmmakers developing their first projects. PowerProduction’s applications are used by award winning film, video and multimedia professionals worldwide.
For more information or to purchase, visit: http://www.storyboardquick.com or call PowerProduction Sales at 1-800-457-0383 (US), or call 1-408-559-0800 (International). 

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