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Title: iPodGiveaway.sbq6

Date/Time: 02/08/10 15:38:48


                       Hey, everyone it's Jeff from
                       PowerProduction Software.  We wanted to
                       say a big 'thank you' to everyone who
                       took the time out to fill out our
                       customer survey.  Our products really
                       thrive on your input and we know we
                       have one of the most loyal customer
                       bases out there, so thank you.  Now, I
                       know that while you want to have your
                       voices heard and you know how much we
                       value your suggestions that you filling
                       out the survey was in no small part to
                       have a shot at winning this:

CU: hand holding an iPod Anno

                                        JEFF V.O.
                       A free iPod Nano. It's super cool
                and it shoots video and for one
                of our lucky and loyal's free!  

CU: Printing of Papers

                JEFF V.O.  (CONT'D)
                       So now that it's time to pick our
                       contest winner we had to decide on how
                       best to determine a random winner.

CU: Scissors cutting out names.

                       So we decided to go with the old
                       fashioned and time honored tradition of
                       picking names from a hat.

CU: Folded papers being dropped into an open StoryBoard Quick box.

                                     JEFF (CONT'D)
                       Only, in this case, picking names from
                       a StoryBoard Quick box.  We thought it
                       would only be appropriate.



                       So here we go, all of your names are in
                       this box and we're going to get Meggyn
                       to pick a winner and announce it right
                       here on this video.  Meggyn?


                       Hey everyone, good luck!

Meggyn reaches in the StoryBoard Quick Box and pull out the name of the iPod

                                        MEGGYN (CONT'D)
                       And the winner is:

                       (she says the name of the winner and
                       then shows the camera the name on the
                       piece of paper)


                       Congratulations to [name of winner] we
                       thank you, and all of you who
                       participated in our survey.  Finally,
                       even a short video like this one
                       deserves some preparation in order to
                       make things go smoothly, so I wrote out
                       what I was going to say and built some
                       storyboards using StoryBoard Quick v.6.
                        You can check the board on our blog,
                       hopefully right underneath this video.  
                       Be on the lookout for another
                       opportunity in the near future to win
                       cool prizes from PowerProduction
                       Software.  See you next time!


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