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The SitCom Library
The new SitCom Characters Add-On for StoryBoard Quick 6, StoryBoard Quick Studio and StoryBoard Artist give you a new cool colorizable look for your next commercial, office presentation or educational video!

Great new stylized, colorizable, vector actors to help you give a whole new look to your next project! Five actors in all of the Quick positions, rotations and all of the angles (High/Eye Level/Low) you need. Jump into your boards and give it that artistic feel you've been looking for.

The new SitCom Add-On for StoryBoard Quick & StoryBoard Artist

Meet the Boss and The Assistant!

The Accountant and the Geek are here!

Get the new SitCom Characters today!

Perfect for television shows, corporate presentations, commercial pitches, educational projects or any setting. The new SitCom Library gives your storyboards a new, great-looking cast of stylized characters to help you sell your ideas!

Get to work on those new boards and let our staff of characters clock in and help take some of the load off. The Accountant, The Assistant, The Boss, The Geek and The Salesman will work as a team to help you present you visual ideas and land that job!

The new SitCom Add-On Library is the perfect expansion for your StoryBoard Quick 6, StoryBoard Quick Studio or StoryBoard Artist system and is easily accessible through your application's Palette Menu.


Change positions plus colorize for whole new character look!

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