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StoryBoard Quick
StoryBoard Quick Studio
StoryBoard Artist 7
Pro's Choice
StoryBoard Artist Studio 7
Simply the best
Professional Artwork Designed for Visualization
Fastest to Use and Learn
Tons of Images Inside (Locations/Props/Characters) 420 MB 600 MB 18,000 MB 24,000 MB
Vector Characters: Colorable, multi-angled, pre-posed  6 poses  12 poses  12 poses  12 poses
Posable Characters! Unlimited Poses/Angles, Colorable    
3D rendered characters: Hi-rez, pre-posed, multi-angled actors      25+ characters  25+ characters
Drag and drop Digital Photos onto own layer
Import of leading bitmap formats
(bmp, jpg, gif, png, psd & more) including Photoshop Layers
Drawing tools to create custom objects on unlimited layers
Add and Import Scripts from Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter,
& all screenwriting software
Import Breakdown/Budgeting data from Gorilla & others
Professional Preset Page Layouts for Printing
Export projects to Flash animation, HTML5 and more
View & Distribute boards to iPhone/iPad
(StoryBoard Quick Shot Assistant
or StoryBoard Artist Shot Assistant)
Free Video Tutorials & User's Guide
Import from mobile StoryBoard Quick Direct
iOS & Android
1 per frame 1 per frame 18 per frame 18 per frame
Captions for Notes and Script 1 per frame 1 per frame 18 per frame 18 per frame
Print-to-Sketch Print Modes   1 4 14
Create Storyboards Automatically with QuickShots    2x Shot Types
Timeline with Sound for Instant Animatics    
Transitions: Dissolves, Wipes, Push & more       20   40+
Add and Edit Audio tracks to your project      4 tracks  16 tracks
3D Image Import w/ Joints, Orbit, Pan, Zoom & Lighting Controls
(.FBX, .3DS, .OBJ, .SKP)
Pro Movie Export with animation    
Lock & Hide Layers    
Breakdown Database for Scheduling    
Add Links for Interactive, Games, and E-learning projects    
Animate All Objects with Built-in Motion Graphics    
Project Sketch Mode with Export to files     4 types 14 types
Customize Your Print Layout    
Import and Layer Video Frames    
Professional NLE Animation Exports
(Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro)
Unlimited Paint layers with Pressure Sensitive brushes
(Wacom Tablet support)
Animation control with Onion Skinning      
Shot Effects, Auto Reverse Shot, Rack Focus and more      
Lighting Object Effects, Cast Shadows, Drop Shadows and more      
Optimized for Workgroups of Professional Artists      
Advanced Editing with Lift and Slug Support      
Frame and Sequence Locking      
Save version edits for instant comparison      
Integrates with Avid MetaSync for interactivity      
Need Custom feature? Customization also available      
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