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StoryBoard Quick StoryBoard Quick Studio StoryBoard Artist StoryBoard Artist Studio
Artwork designed for storyboard visualization built-in
Fast and Easy-to-Use
Colorable Characters: multi-angled, multi-actions
3D Posable Characters
Draw Tools
Paint Tools
Layers Palette
Drag and drop Digital Photos
Import Photoshop Layers
Caption Window with 'frame follow" on shuffle
Import Script files or text
Speech bubbles
In-frame Text Tool
Preset StoryBoard Templates for Printing
Export projects to Flash, HTML5 & more
iPhone/iPad compatible Apps available
Free Video Tutorials
Print-to-Sketch - makes your boards looks like you sketched them
QuickShots Technology - creates shots automatically
Timeline w/ sound tracks
  storyboard software
Add and Edit Audio tracks
Frame Transitions: Dissolves, Wipes, Push & more
3D Image Import w/ Joints, Orbit, Pan, Zoom & Lighting Controls (.FBX, .3DS, OBJ, .SKP)
Pro Movie Export with animation
Lock & Hide Layers
Animate Objects with Built-in Motion Graphics
Import and Layer Video Frames
Professional NLE Animation Exports (Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro)
Customize Print Layout
Montage Print Layout
Paint layers w/ Pressure Sensitive brushes (Pen Tablet support)
Onion Skinning for Animation control
Shot Effects, Auto Reverse, Rack Focus and more
Lighting Object Effects, Cast Shadows, Drop Shadows and more
Optimized for Workgroups of Professional Artists
Advanced Editing with Lift and Slug Support
Frame and Sequence Locking
Save version edits for instant comparison
Need Custom feature? Customization also available

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