Single Rendered Characters

Give your storyboards extra character with Single Character Libraries, you can choose from a wide variety of leading men, women and children all with facial expressions for your next storyboard project.



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Angelina is the definition of fiery. Angelina is bold and sexy. She can serve multiple roles in your storyboard project. She is featured in a stylish bikini.


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This Katie Holmes look-a-like can be a perfect fit for a wide variety of films. From Drama to Comedy, this leading lady can deliver just the role you're looking for.




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Meet the big man on campus. He's young, attractive, and cool. At school, he's the guy the girls love and the boys envy. Cast him for your next storyboard project today!


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He's our definition of cool. Jared is a unique and versatile storyboard character that you could use in any one of your headline attractions.




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espite looking like Samuel L. Jackson, this storyboard character can be used in a wide range of roles. Use him for your classic ‘70s action movies or as an up-and-coming musician in your next film.


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Need a hard-working woman who has both style and grit? If so, here she is. Add her to your storyboard project and see performance at its best.




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Luci is a stand out character, with a stand out attitude! A great storyboard project enhancer for action and dramatic pictures.


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Colin works as an outstanding co-star with Sandra and Denzel. As a team, they can run any ER. As an individual, Colin is a handsome doctor who can fit almost any role.




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Is your storyboard lacking a female surgeon? Sandra is the storyboard character you need. She is a skilled surgeon, great actor, and is essential for any medical scene.


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Calm and dependable, Denzel is an outstanding addition to any medical scene or film. This storyboard character works perfectly with Sandra and Colin. He is also a great part of the rest of the medical team.




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Calista has style, charisma, and beauty - all excellent ingredients for your next female star. Great for Romance and Modern genres.


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Don't be fooled by the youthfulness of this rising star. Despite her age, she can capture the attention of any audience with her confidence and grace. Use for multiple roles and projects and prepared to be impressed everytime!




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As a co-star or leading actress Jennifer has what it takes! We recommend using her as an action hero co-star, but the options are limitless.


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Did you love Karate Kid? Rudy? Field of Dreams? If your answer is yes, then this storyboard character may be the one for you. For your next storyboard project, choose Pat, the perfect mentor for any action or sports-related film.




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This unique storyboard character is a great match for throw back films of the ‘60s and ‘70s as well as present day scenarios. Eddie isn't afraid to travel outside of the beaten path. Great for indie films in need of strong storyboard characters!


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This upcoming action hero is a great addition to your storyboard crew. He runs, jumps, kicks, flies through the air - and all in his street clothes. Don't leave your Action-packed adventure without him.




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Vin may be a man of few words, but he can really draw the crowd. He puts other action heros to shame. No matter what the role, he gets the job done. Period.


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This young teenage heartbreaker is a natural star with looks, style, and charisma. If you can land her in your film, you're sure to have a gem.




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This All-American boy is a well-rounded storyboard character with a lot of potential casting options. Dressed casually with messy hair, this kid has the look you've been waiting for.


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Look no further - Lizzie is the star for you! This young leading actress can fit into many different types of pictures, including dramas, family movies, and comedies!





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