TableTop Props


The new TableTop Props Add-On for StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist updates and revitalizes this popular Add-On Library! Now colorize and rotate your favorite TableTop Props! Over 100 props are available in this library, from desk accessories to food to kitchen appliances! The TableTop Library gives your storyboards that extra attention to detail that you need in your storyboard project.


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The new colorizable TableTop Props for StoryBoard Quick & Artist - Mac/Win

Need the perfect prop for your office set, cooking show, or crime scene? You'll find it here! Find the evidence, set the scene, or cook the perfect meal with these TableTop Props! Anything you need props for, TableTop Props has you covered! Get closer with these new props! TableTop Props has been a fan favorite for years, and now we've updated them to be colorizable, rotatable, and higher quality! We've also sneaked a few new props among the originals to accent your storyboards. The new TableTop Props Library is the perfect expansion for all of our storyboarding software and loads right into your Props Palette!

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