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I used StoryBoard Artist extensively to previz my movie 'Smokin' Aces' and plan on using it to storyboard all my upcoming projects.

Joe Carnahan, Writer/Director; The Grey, Narc, Smokin' Aces
Previz with StoryBoard Quick is such a wonderful thing...bring in the actual locations, put your characters into the shot and see how your design is going to work. It's great!

Rod Holcomb, Director; Ironsides, Chicago Fire, Elementary, The Good Wife
As a director and owner of 66 Films we use your product all the time. When I sit down with clients be it for a corporate video or a commercial. They're always impressed with our storyboards. StoryBoard Quick is a vital tool not only for helping us visualize the shots, but also for helping us understanding the scope of project; which in turn helps us budget appropriately.

We truly love your product.

Freddy Rodriguez, Content Creator; 15 Emmy Nominations, 7 Emmy Wins
I've used Storyboard Quick on all the films I've made. It saves a huge amount of time on set, and is a great way to have working and affordable storyboards.

Eric Styles, Director; Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon, Miss Conception, True True Lie
Thank you, PowerProduction Software, for creating the iPhone and iPad apps and Mac software for storyboarding. It has made my life a lot easier, being able to be on location scouting and planning out action sequences with the help of these applications. On the spot and at the moment, I can create my storyboards, which has helped me immensely. Thank you for your great programs... now let's make some movies!

John Medlen, SU Director: Flash, Supergirl, Lost, Spider-Man, Alias, The Shield
StoryBoard Artist has changed the way storyboarding is done and there's nothing like it on the market that's as fast and easy to use...It's opened the doorway to getting storyboards closer to film. Anyone can use it...

Ken Harsha, Story Artist: Treasure Planet, Shrek, The Prince of Egypt, The Simpsons; Director of Concept for EA Games
From stick figures to StoryBoard Artist. I can now illustrate to all my department heads exactly what images I want on film. StoryBoard Artist is just fantastic!

Timothy Busfield, Actor/Director/Producer: The Fosters, Wedding Band, Franklin & Bash, Damages, White Collar
I've created a large-number of images with StoryBoard Quick , which I've saved as PNG files, and then imported into my Sony Vegas production file. These programs together have been amazing, and 'save my bacon' on a daily basis.

Red Forrest, Independent Director/Producer
I've had StoryBoard Quick for a while now and love it. I use StoryBoard Quick to do all the previz for each America's Most Wanted re-enactments. I print all the day's panels for every camera and post them above the craft services table. Then everyone knows exactly what is expected and we can do 40 setups in one day! The producers love it! Recently, on another project, I shot some photos, imported the script into StoryBoard Quick and made some boards. When I showed the storyboards to a room full of my clients...when the presentation was complete, the room was silent. Eventually, the head of the department said "I'm speechless... Those storyboards are fantastic! I think I can speak for everyone here when I say, we've never seen anything like it! Blown away just doesn't seem to describe how we're all feeling here. You've got the job!" - Great words to hear!

Curt Pair, Director of Photography: America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back; Forbes Magazine
I love this software, when I show people they just GET IT!

Nicholas McCallum, Production Designer: The Black Balloon, Kokoda, Gettin' Square, In a Savage Land; Art Director
I've been using StoryBoard Quick for many years and I'm astounded at how appreciative my crew is for having these boards on every location. We travel with Wheel three times a year and in each city, we hop-scotch to as many as six locations a day. StoryBoard Quick allows me to insert the location, import shots of Vanna which I key into the photo and caption each frame with exactly what I'm looking for. I tell you, it's become a tool I can't live without. With a support team that is among the most responsive I've ever experienced, you truly have a terrific product.

Mark Corwin, Director: Wheel Of Fortune
While my hand drawn storyboards are starting to become collectors items for their abstract impressionism, when I actually need to communicate to the crew exactly what I want, I use StoryBoard Artist. It has been extremely useful on the heavy visual effects of Jumper.

Doug Liman, Director/Executive Producer: Bourne Ultimatum, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Go, Swingers, Jumper; Producer/Director: Bourne Identity; Executive Producer: Bourne Supremacy, The UneXplained
I use StoryBoard Quick 6 for all my shoots! I especially love the Overheads & Overlays Add-On Library!

Lisa Sherman, Producer: Nike, Kaiser Permanente
I love StoryBoard Artist! It works like I think...it's so intuitive...a really fast learning curve. I was up in no time.

Jon Nappa & Mike Cariglio, Creators: Pappyland
I've been using StoryBoard Artist and with the digital camera, it’s proven to be incredible. The director freaked out when he saw the Runtime Show that I put together!

Stephen McNutt, Cinematographer: Battlestar Galactica, The Dead Zone, seaQuest DSV
StoryBoard Quick is a great tool for rapidly creating a basic storyboard...Even if you are artistically challenged, you can still get up to speed and create compelling storyboards for your project with StoryBoard Quick in less than 30 minutes.

Rick Sanchez, MacAddict and Emmy-Winning Animation Executive Producer
My favorite storyboard software program is StoryBoard Quick. This program is great because it's easy-to-use and it makes for quick storyboarding.

Bryan Michael Stoller, Author: Filmmaking For Dummies; Director: Miss Cast Away, with Michael Jackson
My terrible drawing skills often stop me from sketching storyboards because it ends up not showing what I wanted. It gets really bad if you have to explain your storyboards and this gets even worse if you work internationally and you don't speak the language. Being creative doesn't necessarily mean that you can draw. I am definitely not a computer wiz but I figured out StoryBoard Artist...and I feel like I grew wings!

Anna Foerster, Director: Criminal Minds; Second Unit Director: The Day After Tomorrow, Aeon Flux
We were shooting a unique sequence, different from our usual three camera set up. I needed to show them how I envisioned 'the car running over Oprah sequence.' So I opened my laptop, fired up StoryBoard Quick and in a few seconds we were all on the same page for the series of shots.

Roger Christiansen, Director: Friends, Hannah Montana, Girlfriends, Suddenly Susan, True Jackson, VP; iCarly; Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures; Austin & Ally
I've been using both StoryBoard Quick and StoryBoard Artist for years and love the software. They have helped me storyboard my current projects and also helped me pitch new ideas and work out story ideas. Thanks PowerProduction! Great software.

Fred Gallo, Director/Producer/Writer: Termination Man; I Am Woody; Dead Space, The Finishing Touch, Black Rose of Harlem
I'm an award-winning, produced screenwriter, author of two well-known books on screenwriting, and former development exec. I wanted to try Storyboard Quick because a lot of my readers, students and screenwriting colleagues are thinking of producing their own work and a good storyboarding program would be so helpful to them in that process. After trying out Storyboard Quick I realized it's not a good storyboarding program, it's a great storyboarding program. I heartily recommend it.

Rob Tobin, screenwriter, script doctor, award-winning author of books on screenwriting
I can't draw to save my life. Suddenly, there is StoryBoard Quick, which allows me to easily churn out stacks of professional storyboards in a variety of formats. With a multitude of figures, locations, and props, the sky's the limit. Thank you for a truly great, easy-to-use product. Thanks to StoryBoard Quick, I've been liberated — I can draw! (or at least look like it).

Alan Shapiro, Director: The New Girl, The Crush, Flipper
StoryBoard Artist is nothing short of superb! Fast, solid, easy-to-use, and most important of all, up to the task it promises.

William Butler, Logical Solutions
StoryBoard Quick is a very good program and one that will find itself being used more and more for each production.

Stephen Schleicher, writer for DigitalMediaNet, MacVideoPro, Digital Producer & more.
Working on the set of Terminator: Salvation last year was a team of artists. We were revising, rewriting, revisiting and re-imagining scenes on an hourly basis, sometimes within a day of shooting. The boards had to be quickly redone, printed, distributed to the crew on paper and digitally at a moment’s notice. StoryBoard Artist made that possible. Literally.

Ted Slampyak, Storyboard Artist: Terminator: Salvation, Swing Vote, Hamlet 2, Wildfire
As you know, I never look into the viewfinder, but the cameraman knows very well that he must follow the sketches exactly as they are designed for each scene.

Alfred Hitchcock, on the importance of storyboarding (he would have loved it too!)
We've been with them from the beginning, and they're products just keep getting better and better. PowerProduction has been essential in growing our business! They get it!

Brandon Jameson Gillian, award-winning Director for Link Technologies LLC and StoryBoard Artist Studio user
StoryBoard Artist is the most comprehensive, user-friendly storyboard application out there. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, StoryBoard Artist is a must for productions of any size!

Robb Humphreys, Producer: John Carpenter's The Fog





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