Creativity Can Strike At Any Time – Be Ready!

March 4, 2014 - Storyboard Software

StoryBoard Quick Direct named a “Top 5 App for Filmmakers!”

With film technology getting better every day there’s really no reason that a dedicated filmmaker should be unprepared when creativity strikes. Take for instance PowerProduction‘s mobile app for iPhone an Android, StoryBoard Quick Direct. It’s technology that’s so easy and smart and it gives filmmakers of every experience level complete storyboarding tools in hand.

StoryBoard Quick Direct for iPhone and iPadVideo and Filmmaker Magazine recently named the latest version of StoryBoard Quick Direct one of their “Top 5 Apps for Filmmakers” and explains why it is a necessity for every director on the go.

Quick – Easy – Mobile Storyboards

“This is a very quick, easy to use storyboarding tool and is particularly useful for filmmakers who can’t draw. The vector graphics are easy to manipulate, using gestures to enlarge or rotate them into the positions you want. It looks attractive and incorporates well with PowerProduction’s professional storyboard software apps, and it allows you to export each frame to your camera roll.”

One never knows when inspiration will strike. Whether you find yourself on the subway or in the suburbs, when you see the perfect shot for your project, applications like StoryBoard Quick Direct help you quickly capture that idea.  From there, take that shot/s you composed and insert into your core storyboards on desktop.

StoryBoard Quick Direct is so powerful that a resourceful and clever filmmaker could plan an entire project on their smartphone. Then convert that to a mobile shot list. It’s visual organization for the entire project.

The trick is being prepared to work on your project no matter where you are or what you are doing. You never know what will trigger your cinematic creativity into generating that clear, concise shot. Whenever it happens, wherever you are, you can use StoryBoard Quick Direct to capture that shot to make better movies.


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