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September 25, 2009 - Storyboard Software

We always like hearing from our clients and what they are working on.  Whether it be student films or Terminator: Salvation, we love hearing how people are putting our apps to use and seeing the results of bringing their ideas to life.  This last week a customer alerted me to a Twitter feed thanking StoryBoard Quick so I reached out and asked what he was working on.

Carlo Ledesma is a filmmaker/director from Australia who works on his own films as well as projects for clients and he had this to say:

“I’ve been using SBQ for quite awhile now. Last week I had an urgent deadline and I needed to get some boards done for a client. Instead of looking for an artist I was able to put SBQ to use and got the project as a result. So thanks! Also, I used SBQ when conceptualizing my latest short film called The Last One.”

Turns out his latest short, The Last One, was nominated for Best Foreign Short at the Action on Film Festival in CA (which PowerProduction recently sponsored, incidentally!) so congrats to Carlo.

Check out his website for more information on The Last One
Here’s the trailer on YouTube

Again, I’m always interested in hearing and seeing how our customers are using and working with StoryBoard Quick so drop me a line and I will post your story as well!

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