HTML Export Is The Easy Share StoryBoard Solution

April 14, 2014 - Storyboard Software

HTML Export For Simple Sharing

When it comes to storyboards, while it’s great for directors to be able to create a great-looking visual shortlist, you are likely going to want to share those shots with your crew and cast so they can get inside the creative mind.  With powerful software like StoryBoard Quick, sharing your vision is easy and just one of the simple ways to do that is by exporting your storyboards to HTML.

When you export your storyboards to HTML, all you need to do is drag and drop a page into your favorite browser to check them out.  With StoryBoard Quick you have two options when it comes to HTML export: webpage or website.

Webpage Export

When you opt to export your boards as a webpage, StoryBoard Quick kicks out a single page with your storyboards lined up on the left side. Any captions accompanying them are placed to the frame’s right.  This is export is a single page access to every shot. Simply scroll to view shot after shot.  Incredibly fast, export to webpage gives the crew the vision in bulk. It also let’s you quickly get an overview of the entire project.

Website Export

If you need more presentation, select export to a website.  The website option highlights each individual frame, centering the larger storyboard into a black background.  The code includes navigation links to cycle through the entire project one by one and jump forward and backwards.  If you are looking for a little more impact for your storyboards, or are telling a story that requires more caption space, this option will be perfect for sharing.

Watch: Video Tutorial of Export to HTML Feature

So, when you need to share some cinematic ideas or storyboards to showcase your shots, export to HTML. Then upload your boards to a server or email for crew or producer to see. This is just one of the many creative solutions offered in StoryBoard Quick storyboard software.

For great-looking, easy-to-create storyboards to help you on your next project, use the powerful features of StoryBoard Quick storyboard software!

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