New Martini QuickShot Post-Viz Editorial Plug-in

January 15, 2017 - Storyboard Software
New Martini QuickShot Post-Viz Editorial Plug-in

PowerProduction Software Releases Martini QuickShots v3
Post-Vis Storyboarding Plug-in

Revolutionary Post-Production Plug-in for Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony video editors

PowerProduction Software, the leading developer of visualization software for film and video production announces version 3 of Martini QuickShot Creator storyboarding plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Magix VEGAS Pro.

Visualization into video editing

Martini QuickShot Creator is a revolutionary post-production [post-vis] plug-in that brings the creativity of visualization into video editing. Rather than breaking the flow of a work-in-progress with “white-text-on-a-black-background” slugs, Martini easily creates shots that look like yet-to-be-shot scenes. Loaded with hundreds of classic and unique shot styles, Martini QuickShot’s easy-to-use interface guides editors through the quick creation of composite shots. Editors can select a style, such as basic over-the-shoulder shots, two and three shots, and close-ups, as well as fight scenes, chase scenes, and other pre-composed multiple shot sequences. Furthermore, editors can choose from hundreds of pre-loaded interiors, exteriors, custom digital location photos, and all-new props.

The all-new Martini v3 release includes:

Added Bonus

Martini supports the following video editing applications:

Pricing and Availability
Martini is available for purchase from for $99 USD. Owners of previous versions of Martini can upgrade for $29.95 USD. Download a free 15-day trial.

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