New Kids on the Block: Check out the Urban High Library!

June 8, 2011 - Storyboard Software

Doug is fresh!

We recently released the NEW Urban High Add-On Library for StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Quick Studio, and StoryBoard Artist — a whole line-up of vector teens running through the halls and waiting for the bell to ring so they can get out of class, hit the basketball court and scrounge up some fun.  These teenagers split their lives according to the school schedule, hitting the books for finals while gearing up for a fun-filled summer!

The Urban High Add-On Library has five high schoolers (3 guys and 2 girls) dressed in the most fashionable hip-hop clothes.  Colorize their hair, skin, lips, shirt, pants and shoes (as well as their stylish accessories!) to get your vector characters ready for working hard or playing harder!  Match hats and headbands, shoes and jersey numbers, to get the perfect color combo for your project’s next teen hero.

These teens are available in the standard StoryBoard Quick poses: Stand, Walk, Run, Jump, Sit, and Prone.  The library palette loads right into your StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Quick Studio, StoryBoard Artist, or StoryBoard Artist Studio application, making it easy-to-use and very accessible to your previz by clicking on your Window Menu and opening the Palettes Menu.

In the Urban High Add-On Library, you’ll find jocks, a hippie, a skateboarder — and they’re all too cool for school!  Doug’s the big guy on campus with his trendy baseball cap, while Luke catches girls’ eyes with his amazing sports skills!  Mercedes is a huge football fan, though her BFF Scarlett is more interested in saving trees than the latest college division stats.  Jerome’s quiet in class, but he tears up a skate park better than any in the area—inspired by the rockin’ tunes that always blare from his earbuds.

The Urban High teens are the best additions for after-school specials, sports sagas, coming-of-age tales, or this year’s prom hit.  Whether you need the basketball champ or the Environmental Club president, we’ve got your teen stars here!  These five fresh characters are new to Urban High School: they’re dodging seniors and making new friends, but aren’t too busy to jump into your latest storyboarding project!

Pick these kids for your team and make your storyboards A+!  The new Urban High Add-On Library is the perfect expansion for your StoryBoard Quick 6, StoryBoard Quick Studio, StoryBoard Artist, or StoryBoard Artist Studio system and is easily accessible through your application’s Palette Menu. So kick your senioritis and get to work on your film’s storyboarding before the big test!

View the Urban High library here and add them to your cart today!

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