Original Content Is On The Rise II: Start Storyboarding

June 6, 2013 - Storyboarding

storyboard your projects for amazon and netflix

Storyboard your original content

Recently, we wrote a post about why, as a writer, director or producer, now is an amazing time to be an original content creator and developer. If you weren’t convince before that storyboarding is important, check out these latest news items. The articles indicate that millions of production dollars are pouring into the development of new, fresh, compelling, original content.

Content is King – more than ever

As media becomes easier to view, download, stream a/k/a consume, the demand grows.  New, original streaming content is needed by companies other than the major networks and even their cable competitors. And storyboarding is a great way to get them interested in your project.

Storyboard gets projects into development

Netflix, who recently successfully unveiled the 4th season of the once dead series Arrested Development, wants to spend up to 15% of it’s licensing budget on new original content. While some of it’s content licensing deals are going south, they are replacing those recycled titles with new series.

Even companies -and sites- which you wouldn’t expect are looking to expand their cache of content. Reddit is trying to partner with marketers to integrate popular Reddit threads with mainstream marketing.

If you are the creative type, your opportunities are expanding. So keep on developing, planning, storyboarding with StoryBoard Quick and pitch those new ideas. You never know who is going to pick them up!

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