Pre vis Movement within StoryBoard Quick

April 20, 2012 - Storyboard Software

StoryBoard Quick is the premier previsualization software for planning great-looking shots and communicating a clear vision for your film. But what’s the best way to show your cinematographer your vision of the camera movement within a shot?

Along with all the storyboard art included in the app, you can use the “Director’s Tools.” Included is a whole host of directional arrows and objects to give your storyboards the extra detail needed to communicate how you see your film. From zooming in to zooming out, from panning to dollying, StoryBoard Quick can assist you show the character or camera movement with your boards.

Tips on how to use your Director’s Tools, where to find them, and includes TWO secret tools that you can add to your storyboards! (As our programmers say: Easter Egg Alert!)

StoryBoard Quick Arrows Show Movement


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