ProTip: Find Your Key Frames

December 12, 2014 - Storyboarding

‘Disoverers’ director discovers key frame storyboarding

Justin Schwarz, the writer-director of “The Discoverers” talked with He distilled his top 12 tips for first-time feature film makers, and spoke about the need for storyboarding.

Finding key frames

“Prepping ‘The Discoverers,’ I shotlisted and storyboarded, but I knew we wouldn’t have time to do everything I imagined on paper. I developed a key frame system, which became extremely helpful on set.

The idea is to try to distill each scene down to a single image that represents what the scene must achieve dramatically. It may be an extreme wide shot that acts like a punch in the gut, a lyrical tracking shot, or the close up you’re saving for emotional impact. When you have to start combining shots on set, you’ll know the essential image you’ll need for each scene to serve its dramatic function.”


“Discover” you own key frames.

Along with storyboarding and pre-production, Schwarz delves into collaboration. He suggests finding the perfect “looks” for your film and the process of “overpreparring.”
Check out all of Justin’s tips on “Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s 12 Tips for Directing Your First Feature Film”.

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