QuickShots Cut PreViz Time!

May 4, 2012 - Storyboard Software

PowerProduction has revolutionized digital storyboarding with our new QuickShots Technology!

QuickShots are available in StoryBoard Quick Studio, StoryBoard Artist, and StoryBoard Artist Studio storyboard software.  With this unparalleled feature, impressive storyboard creation is faster than ever: from the QuickShots dialog, pick a Shot Type and then simply choose the Characters and Location from our pre-loaded artwork (or import your own).  Click to generate the QuickShot and include a special automatic Slugline in your Frames’ Caption Window!

StoryBoard Quick Studio’s variety of Shot Types offers a ton of flexibility for fast-paced storyboarding, and you have even more possibilities in StoryBoard Artist where we’ve added many more Shot Types to choose from!  Combined with advanced StoryBoard Artist animatic creation tools and object effects, your storyboards are primed and ready for great detail and presentation power using PowerProduction’s storyboard software.

Watch the video to see the shot-generating pre-viz power of QuickShots demonstrated in StoryBoard Artist v.5’s storyboard software interface!

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