QuickShots Technology in StoryBoard Quick Studio

December 14, 2020 - Storyboard Software, Tips
QuickShots Technology in StoryBoard Quick Studio

QuickShots Technology makes storyboarding faster than ever before!

Designed for StoryBoard Quick Studio, QuickShots Technology uses templates to generate great-looking storyboards in seconds.  Just pick your shot type, characters, and location, and press create!  QuickShots will automatically insert and place your elements to create the perfect shot.

With QuickShots, you can make an entire sequence in just minutes!  Create your shot and then click “Next Shot” to make a your whole shot sequence within QuickShots, using great StoryBoard Quick artwork.

No more staring at a blank frame!  Get a jump start on your unique shot ideas using QuickShots templates for quicker storyboarding than ever before.

Check out StoryBoard Quick Studio’s patent-pending QuickShots Technology:

QuickShots Technology is now available for StoryBoard Quick Studio, StoryBoard Artist, and StoryBoard Artist Studio.

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