QuickTip: Show Storyboards to Clients!

September 27, 2011 - Storyboarding

We hear from customers all the time that StoryBoard Quick storyboards makes quite a great impression on clients especially when pitching and presenting ideas in order to get the job. So when you need to show clients or crew your ideas, StoryBoard Quick helps you make the best impression.

Whether you’re presenting or emailing your projects, you have a multitude of options for sharing!  Print your storyboards to PDF for easy emailing, export the project as an HTML webpage for online viewing, create a flash movie to show your vision, or export to popular image files for flexibility.

Watch the video to see StoryBoard Quick’s sharing options!

Storyboards for Commercials

“I love this friggin’ program! Storyboard Software I can print out my storyboards in various formats, shot lists… if the AD wants it in a certain way…no problem… StoryBoard Quick is great!”
– David McNally, Commercial Producer/Director; ‘Aflac’, ‘Budweiser Super Bowl Ads’ and many more…

I’ve been using StoryBoard Quick storyboard software for many years and I’m astounded at how appreciative my crew is for having these boards on every location. It’s become a tool I can’t live without. With a support team that is among the most responsive I’ve ever experienced, you truly have a terrific product.”
– Mark Corwin, Director: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

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