Previsualization in 10 Seconds

February 8, 2011 - Storyboard Software

As always, our focus is to bring you the easiest, quickest way to create professional previsualizations for film or video projects! So if you’ve ever wondered how to do save even more time but haven’t had the time to check out the StoryBoard Quick User Guide, we’ve created QuickTips to help you get a jump start to creating fast, great-looking storyboards with StoryBoard Quick storyboard software!

In this first installment, we explain how quickly you can made your first storyboard. With StoryBoard Quick, you can literally create an amazing-looking previz in less than 10 seconds!

First, choose a character and put him in the frame. Once in the frame, you can move and rotate your character, then add a second character, zoom her and turn her around to face the first character.  Now you have an quick Over-the-Shoulder Shot. Drop in a background for your first complete storyboard frame!

Check out the video to see StoryBoard Quick storyboard software in action!
QuickTip 1 - StoryBoard Quick is Quick!

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